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New Socket Sets from TEKTON

Socket sets can be a funny thing. If you look across different brands, you’ll find dozens of configurations covering different drive sizes, sizes, accessory selection, some metric only, some SAE only, etc, etc, etc. It’s common of store brands to offer catch all sets covering 2 or 3 drive sizes and both metric and SAE, but in the professional tool market the offerings are usually (but not always) broken down into individual or “Service Sets”. Service Sets are a great option to have. They allow you to get more of the stuff you need, and less of the stuff...

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New Combo Wrenches From TEKTON

I’ve always advocated TEKTON as a great option for the budget minded wrencher, but combo wrenches were one of the weaker areas of the line. The carbon steel construction was fine for a road set or something, but I was hesitant to put my name on the line to recommend them as a primary set. I’m not implying carbon steel wrenches aren’t usable, but they are certainly  lower grade wrench than the alloy wrenches we’re accustomed to today. As we’ve seen time and time again, TEKTON is constantly improving their line to bring better quality products to the table,...

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TEKTON Flex Head Bent Handle Ratchet (14967)

With all the buzz about the new Pittsburgh Pro ratchets, we overlooked a similar but unique release from TEKTON. Employing the same head design and ratcheting mechanism, TEKTON’s Flex Head Bent Handle Ratchet is what was called a Spark Plug Ratchet back in the day. Designed to provide increased function in an engine compartment, around framework, etc., the bent handle ratchet helps circumnavigate any number of obstacles that might stand between you and a fastener. It employs an 11″, 25 degree offset handle, in conjunction with 180 degree flex head, to provide clearance where standard ratchets can’t. The head...

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TEKTON Impact Sockets – Daily Dose

Impact sockets are a must have for anyone.  They are usually a high priced item to get a decent set.  TEKTON has some good options that have a lifetime warranty.  TEKTON  sockets have a nice laser etch that stands out to show you the size.  They are made from drop forged, heat treated chrome vanadium steel.  I haven’t had any issues of these sockets rounding off bolts. It is the first brand i go to for the best of budget and quality. Check out the videos below for more.  Daniel from Real Tool Reviews, did a thorough walk through,...

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TEKTON Cargo Straps – Daily Dose

  Ratcheting cargo straps can be your best friend or your worst enemy if you don’t know how to maintain and work them.  Straps often get stiff and stop working because of the elements. A quick fix to this is to keep them lubed with WD-40 or something comparable.  Always feed the strap from the bottom and make sure the strap is fully opened and parallel before you undo it. For lighter loads we used the TEKTON 6219 15′ tie downs.  They can hold up 333 lbs per strap. For heavier loads up to 3,300 lbs per strap I use...

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TEKTON adds to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 4

I like quality tools, but I also like quality prices.  TEKTON provides both, I love their socket sets..  For the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 4 TEKTON is adding: 3/8″ 25′ Hybrid Air Hose 17 pc Air Tool Accessory Kit Oil/Water Separator These tools will compliment the Rolair JC-10 that is already in the giveaway....

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TEKTON – A Look At Some New Products

TEKTON has become a regular fixture at TIA. I’ve checked out several of their products over time and I’ve been consistently satisfied with the value that their tools offer. They aren’t Snap-On or Proto, but they don’t claim to be nor do they try to be. TEKTON specializes in affordable, quality, tools, with the DIY guys in mind. They offer a lifetime warranty on their hand tools and you won’t find better customer service anywhere. When you need a cost effective solution, TEKTON is definitely worth a look. They recently sent over some new products for us to check...

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TEKTON Hybrid Air Hose Review

Based in Grand Rapids, MI, Tekton is a family owned company specializing in affordable, quality, tools, designed with the DIY’er in mind. Their budget friendly line-up covers just about all bases and as anyone who’s ever dealt with them will tell you, their customer service is world class. We’ve reviewed several Tekton products in the past, and all have been nice tools for the price. The composite ratchets I reviewed are holding up very well and are still one of the most frequently used ratchets in my box. Every company has some products that are better and worse than...

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TEKTON Extra Long Ratchets – Superman Like Strength

A few months back we reviewed TEKTON’s Composite Ratchets. While I reserve them mostly for situations where I don’t want to mar the working service, they are still going strong. TEKTON recently added some new specialty ratchets to their lineup, and as the 1 or 2 of you who have read my reviews know, I have a thing for ratchets. Everyone should have at least 4 in every dive size if you ask me. Each ratchet in my repertoire has a task for which it preferred. Everyone has their “go to” ratchet that they use more than all the...

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TEKTON 7558 Tap and Die – Review

Taps and Dies are something I don’t need often. On the rare occasion I need to tap a hole or thread something, I’ve typically taken the workpiece to a machinist friend of mine. He’s always done a great job and never charges me a dime, but it’s a pain having to drive over there and spend 2 or 3 hours of what little free time I have, to do something I could’ve done myself in 5 minutes. T&D sets are expensive! A high quality set worthy of daily use by a professional machinist can cost anywhere from a few...

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