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TEKTON USA Made Bungees!

TEKTON is a regular fixture here at TIA. We’ve reviewed a lot of their stuff and found it to be a solid line for those on a budget. In todays market you can usually have either affordability or American made, but it’s sometimes hard to find both. Tekton appears to be doing something about that, one item at a time. ¬†Check them out on Amazon. Back in the summer they released their new line of USA made pliers¬†and while the Wilde sourced pliers aren’t new to the market or exclusive to the Tekton line, they are the most affordable,...

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TEKTON – American Made Pliers!

We’ve reviewed several TEKTON tools in the past and one thing we’ve been consistently satisfied with is the value they offer. If for no reason other than their fantastic customer service, it’s hard not to consider them when you need an affordable solution. I have never heard anyone who called TEKTON about an issue not comment about how positive the experience was. Look around on Amazon and you’ll find more than a couple instances where a TEKTON Rep has sought out a customer with an issue to make it right. In an era where excellent customer service seems like...

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