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PENCILMAN Marking Tape Measure

There are a lot of tape measures on the market.  We usually don’t go over many tapes because lets face it, there is never to much innovation to them and usually they aren’t that exciting.  However we do have a little different story here.  This is the Pencilman tape measure.  Two unique items about this tape measure is that fact you can use pretty much any pen or pencil, lock it in place and make accurate marks.  Another item on this is the locking mechanism.  This is one of the strongest locks we have seen.  If you would like...

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Milwaukee Magnetic Tape Measure Review

Not too long ago we went to the Milwaukee media event and saw some cool tools and accessories, including this tape measure.  One thing we heard over and over was “Disruptive innovation”.   Milwaukee doesn’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk with this saying.  You probably already know we are huge fans of Milwaukee hand tools and one of the reasons is disruptive innovation.  Milwaukee doesn’t use some other company’s tool and then stick their name on it.  They don’t copy another manufacturer’s tools and stick their name on it.  Milwaukee actually takes time to think...

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360 Degree Tape Measure

I would have to say a tape measure is one of the most widely used tools.  However it does have it’s limits when taking measurements.  Such as, it is hard to measure the distance between two round objects over a long span.  Sure they have magnetic tips, but they have to be very strong to stay attached over longer distances.   Plus it doesn’t work too well on PVC.  Well the makers of the compass guide decided to put an end to that problem with the 360° swivel tape measure. What is the 360° tape measure?  Simple, so simple...

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Square N Tape

One thing that has amazed me over the year is the creativity of the American people.  I know I don’t have that type of mind, so when I look at a tape measure I see a tape measure.  Where other people have done some pretty cool things to the tape over the years, such as the Century Tracer XL.  Well this time someone took the standard tape measure and added some pretty cool features then named it the Square N Tape. You can buy this system two ways.  Either buy it with the tape measure or buy just the...

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Century Tracer XL Tape Measure

A while back we attended the National Hardware Show and saw some pretty cool new ideas.  It dawned on Dan and myself the other day we never did a article on the Century Tracer XL Tape Measure.  This was one of the coolest tape measures we have seen in a long time because its practical and easy to use. We know, how could a tape measure be exciting?  We thought the same thing and all most walked past the booth, until we heard some guy talking about it in a very excited voice.  Dan and I stopped and listen to...

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