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Stanley P2G7S Power To Go Battery Booster

Stanley recently announced a new charger to their line up of battery chargers.  This is the Stanley Simple Start model P2G7S.   This is a nice small charger for your car that will work with 4, 6 and even 8 cylinder engines.  The great thing about this charger is that it’s easy to use. Say you have a dead battery on your vehicle.  In the past you always had to find someone to jump your car.  You had to open the hood and be comfortable attaching the jumper cables to both batteries  This charge is a little different.  You can...

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Stanley SAT3S Satellite Rechargeable LED Work Light

Lights, lights and lights, now a days everyone has an LED light available for sale including Stanley.  However Stanely has a fairly unique design and they call it the Satellite.  Yes, probably because it looks like a satellite. The cool thing about this light is you can really aim the light in any direction you want.  Each light fin can move up or down, plus you have the center light.  The light puts out 300 lumens which isn’t a huge amount, but enough to be able to see what your doing.  As with some of the other lights we...

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Stanley 30″ FUBAR III 55-120 – It Breaks Things

The Stanley FUBAR does what it;s name implies.  It F$%^& things up beyond All Recognition. Well at least that whats we think the name means.  The bar weighs roughly 8.5 lbs and has quite a few features.  It is a nail puller, sledge-hammer, 2 tiered jaw for plywood and decking and even has ergonomic comfortable rubber grips.  The grip and leverage are unmatched.  This is a tool that and demolition pro must have.  Check it out over at The Tool...

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Stanley STHT77032 – TLM65 – 65′ Laser Distance Measurer

LDMs have been around for a long time.  As they evolve so does their complexity.  They are able to do more and more calculations.  Personally I just need a simple unit that gives me measurements and calculate area and volume.  The TLM65 is that unit, it is compact and easily fits into any pocket.  I carry it around with almost everywhere.  It measures up to 65 feet with a + or – of 1/8″. It has a simple 2 button operation just hit the on button twice and it will measure.  Below that is a button that will calculate...

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3 New Stanley Laser Levels

Stanley has been around for years.  I can remember the first Fat Max laser I ever got, I loved it.  Stanley is known for being a good value.  In todays video we got a chance to check out 3 different Stanley lasers.  We like the included QuikLink Bracket and Mounting system for attaching the lasers to poles, lumber or just about anything.  They self level and are powered by 2AA batteries.  Best of all they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. STHT77340 Cubix Cross Line Laser  40′ Range +/- 5/16th” accuracy – Check it out via Amazon STHT77341 Cross 90...

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New from Stanley Tools – Anti Vibe Hammer and Click n Connect Storage System

Stanley has released some new products including a new anti vibe hammer constructed with a two- piece steel core designed to reduce vibrations model number FMHT51244.  They also have a new storage system that has some innovative features like the ability to completely remove the lid.  They also are modular and like the title implies they click together.  In the video below we check out model numbers: STST19950 tool box and the STST1440 organizer.  The great thing about Stanley is that they are easy on your pocket...

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Stanley Measuring Wheel

We get a lot of emails about this Stanley measuring wheel, so we decided to go out and buy one to try.  You can pick this wheel up at all most any hardware store, it is very common.  Now you may be asking yourself, what would I ever use a wheel for?  Basically, a wheel is for long distance measurement such as surveying sites, land measurements, fencing, paving and more.  Unless you’re not in this type of business or another business that would utilize long distant measuring devices, you may never use one.  But when you need one, they are very handy and helpful to have around. There are a lot of different measuring wheels available on the market today, some not so good and others that are truely professional.  Depending upon what you will be using the wheel for, you can then decide what type and brand to get.  As far as the Stanely wheel, we found it to be pretty accurate.   But before we get into that, let’s talk a little bit about this wheel. The Stanley wheel has a collapsible handle which makes it nice for storage.  The wheel has a 5 digit counter and a push button reset.  This means the wheel can measure up to 9,999 before it resets to zero.  The wheel is a 85 Durometer wear resistant.  It also has a kick stand which is nice when you have to...

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