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Snap-On 5314 Folding Multi function knife

As you can see, today is our day of Snap-on knife posts.  Well this one is no different.  I am not huge into multitools like Dan is, but I can appreciate the usefulness of them.  Snap-On does have a pretty cool multitool that comes in a nice black nylon case that also has a belt loop.     In the picture its hard to tell, but the knife is a little bulkier than other multitools we have testing in the past.  The overall thickness of the knife is 3/4″ and its 4″ long, so not too bad overall.  The...

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Snap-On 5230 Folding Work Knife

I don’t know why, but I love knives.  Every time I get a knife, its like Christmas time for me.  While I do fish, I don’t hunt, so I am not using knives all the time.  When I do need a knife, there nothing like having a quality knife to do the job.  Which brings us to the Snap-on 5230 folding knife.   You can buy this Knife separately or in the combo pack 5400 which includes the knife sharpener.  The 4″ handle is made from Anondized Aluminum which makes this knife very lightweight, but also durable.  A user...

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Snap-on 5120 Knife sharpener

If your in the automotive industry, then you are familiar with Snap-on.  Well we should say if you into any type of tools, you are probably familiar with Snap-on as they make some of the best hand tools around.  You maybe wondering why we are doing a full article on a simple knife sharpener and frankly we are wondering the same thing.  OK it sharpens knife, lets move on.  The model number for this sharpener is 5120 and its slim design makes it great for a variety of application such as in your tackle box, around the shop or...

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