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Insteon Connected Kit 2 – Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

Everything is now getting smarter, well except for me.  However there are things out there like the Insteon that do make me feel smarter.  Kits like this are hard to review because there are so many parts to these system.  You might find a company who has a great camera, but their alarm is awful.  You might find one that has an awesome thermostat, but their user interface stinks.  So for this we are going to talk a little bit about this system and the kit for only the items we looked at.  We really can’t talk about the...

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Lowe’s Iris Review

Before we get started you should probably understand what the Iris is.  Iris is basically a smart system for your home that really does everything except make coffee.  You can detect intruders, set pin codes for your door locks, monitor the temperature in your home and more.  Bottom line this is a complete smart solution for your home. The Iris has lots of products to choose from, but you do need a couple basic items to get started.  Iris offers three different kits, so you don’t have to buy everything individually.  If you are just worried about protecting your...

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