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Skilsaw Outlaw – The Worm Drive for Metal

The worm drive, what can you really say about this type of saw?  The worm drive has been out for nearly a century.  It’s tried and true just like the GM 350 small block engine.  It has taken a beating over the years and is considered, not only a tough saw, but one of the most reliable saws on the market.  In fact, Skilsaw just stuck this motor in a table saw and it’s a beast.  Well now Skilsaw has taken it up a level with the introduction of the Skilsaw Outlaw metal saw. The Skilsaw Outlaw is an...

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Skilsaw Table top Saws

Skilsaw is a name you know.  They have been making saws for almost 100 years.  You are probably familiar with their wormdrive circular saws.  They are said to be the saw that built America.  They are tough and pretty much cut through anything.  Skilsaw recently introduced two new table top saws that we want to share with you. 14″ Abrasive Chop Saw – SPT64MTA-01 If you’re looking for an abrasive chop saw, the new Skilsaw might just be your answer.  With a large 14″ abrasive blade, you can pretty much cut through anything you desire with ease.  Skilsaw designed this with...

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Skilsaw Table Saw – SPT 70 WT-22

I am not really sure how to explain this saw to you.  When I first heard about the Skilsaw Table Saw, I have to say I was interested, but not a tool that really stuck out to me.  Now I love the Skilsaw wormdrive circular saws, but I wasn’t expecting much from the table saw.  Then the saw and stand came and I had a chance to check them out.  I also have to admit that when I saw the stand, again it was something I thought was just an after thought.  For me, I have always loved the...

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Skilsaw SPT 77 WML-22 7-1/4″ Worm Drive Circular Saw

I don’t care where you go or who you speak with, but everyone has heard of Skilsaw.  They either own one or have used one.  It’s one of the oldest circular saw companies around.  In fact, it is the saw that built America, yes they are that old.  In a world where it’s good to be young, it’s opposite in the tool world.  You could say Skilsaw is the grandfather of all circular saws.  The wormdrive has been around the longest and is still used by serious professionals even in todays lightweight cordless era. The wormdrive is the king...

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Skilsaw SPT67WM-22 15 Amp 7-1/4″ Sidewinder Magnesium Circular Saw

What do you say when you need a bandage, you say Band-Aid.  What do you say when you need clear tape, you say Scotch Tape.  The same holds true for a circular saw and why is that?  Because Skilsaw has built an incredible, powerful and reliable circular saw year after year.  This is their bread and butter.  After all, they have the saw that built America with the model 77 and who can argue with that track record? Today we are taking a look at their 7-1/4″ Sidewinder circular saw, model SPT 67 WM-22. The sidewinder uses an inline...

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SKIL iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew 2354-10 – Review

The Skil iXO has its place as being one of the first affordable lithium ion palm drivers on the market.  It has remained relatively unchanged except for a pink edition and some new accessories.  The iXO just works, it is a great “go to tool”  to have around the house.  The lithium ion battery holds its charge for years and operation is so simple that even women love to use it.  The 4V tool has a good amount of torque and the slow rpm help extend battery life.  I actually used an iXO to run a fuel transfer pump...

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75TH Anniversary of the Worm Drive SKILSAW 77

I am still trying to figure Skil out.  They are mostly entry level home owner tools but yet the staple of the brand is the heavy duty worm drive SkilSaw, which is used on construction sites around the globe. If all their tools were of this quality they would dominate the power tool market.  Most people call a circular saw a SkilSaw, just like most people call a reciprocating saw a Sawzall, which is a Milwaukee brand name.  Anyways… the 75th anniversary is coming up and just like most any other tool company, they are having a bike built....

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Skil 18V Reciprocating Saw

  Skil Reciprocating Saw Overview The Skil Reciprocating saw is part of the Skil combo kit we reviewed.  The Skil saw uses an 18V Lithium Ion battery system to power the saw.  So looking at the battery we know it has some power to cut.  Taking a closer look at some of the specs, we have to say were were a little disappointed.  The stroke length is 7/8″ and strokes per minute is 2,800.  But again we had to remind ourselves this is designed for a homeowner, not the professional.  With that in mind, the technical specs are in line with other homeowner reciprocating saws. The Skil Reciprocating Saw Review Now if you have been following us for a while, you know we released our review of the Skil combo kit a while back and you may be asking yourself, why did we wait so long to release this review.  Well the reason was because we had some problems with the saw and we wanted to see if it was us or were others  having the same problems.  Before we get into the main problem we had with the saw, lets talk about what we did like about this saw. Picking up the saw, we did notice the balance of the saw was very good.  We have seen better, but for the home market, it is good.  One cool idea Skil had was...

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Skil 18V Flashlight

The Skil Flashlight, model 2897 is actually pretty cool.  Now there is not a lot to review about a flashlight, after all it just lights up an area with a push of a button.  However we did want to cover some basics to this flashlight.  The Skil light has an incandescent bulb, which we know for some this is a downfall, but not a deal breaker.  Actually for an incandescent bulb, while it is still a little yellow, this actually pumps out a lot of light.  Obviously in dark areas, it does a great job, but we also found that even using it in well lit areas where you need just a little more light, this does a great job. One thing we like most about this is the base.  As with most flashlights, the battery acts like a base for the flashlight.  Skil uses a very low profile battery with this flashlight, so it has a very large surface area for the light to sit on.  We found even when placed on uneven ground, it was still very stable.  While some of the other manufacturer lights we have tested, since their batteries have less ground surface area, they tend to be a lot more wobbly.  There is nothing more annoying then being in a tight space and you knock over your flashlight, you know what we are talking...

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Skil 18V Circular Saw Review

 This is a review of the Skil 18V cordless circular saw that came in the combo kit 2895LI-20.  The model number is 5995.  We have to admit from the start this saw was far more impressive than we expected.  Now this saw packs some pretty good stats for a homeowners saw.  The no load RPM is 4200 and this only weighs about 5.12lbs.  When we first saw this tool, we were a little skeptical being a 5-3/8″ blade and using a 1.3A battery pack.  We sort of jumped to conclusions that this wouldn’t cut much and was more of a toy than a power tool, but after using this for a while, we discovered that we were wrong. The top D-handle gives the user a lot of control over cuts.    Along with the light weight of the tool, a user can control this saw with greater accuracy.  So in essence Skil designed a great saw for the homeowner, one who may not use a circular saw that often and needs the control and extra little help.  The one item we wish was a little better was the bevel cutting capability.  But again the saw is a 5-3/8″, so you can only go so far with a good bevel cut. When we tested this saw, we thought we would start off easy.  We cut through some 1/2″ plywood.  We really wanted...

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