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Simpson Dial-N-Wash

So what is a Dial-N-Wash?  Actually it is a very cool product by Simpson pressure washer.  With this small little gadget, you can turn any ordinary pressure washer into a variable pressure washer.  All you have to do is simply screw this onto the wand and now you’re set.  You can adjust the pressure of your pressure washer right from the wand.  Why is this so cool?  Well now you can do your patio with a low pressure and your driveway with a high power setting.  I have a Ryobi pressure washer which has been great to me.  One...

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Simpson King Brute KB3028 Heated Pressure Washer – Review

We do a lot of pressure reviews here at Tools In Action but this is our first heated unit that we have reviewed.  For the homeowner this is crazy overkill so we took it out on the job with the Pros.  We tried to think of the harshest environment we could, turns out it is acid washing.  In the Chicago suburbs we have the Fox River, it is like a big sewer that people swim and tube in. Everything drains into the Fox River, when you put your hand in you cannot see it.  When boats stay in this...

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Simpson PowerShot PS3228 3200 psi 2.8 GPM Gas Pressure Washer – Review

Simpson has been around for many years.  They make all kinds and sizes of pressure washers and pressure washer accessories.  Big names even use Simpson as an OEM and put their brand name on them.  We have been using Simpson pressure washers for about 3 years now and one thing that we can say about them is that they are reliable and get the job done.  All Simpson pressure washers start with a rugged welded tube steel frame design that provides years of service.  Rugged 10″ pneumatic tires will easily get you through any job site with ease. The...

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