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Duluth Trading Company

You guys have been asking us for a long time to try out clothes from the Duluth trading company.  Today is your lucky day because we did that, well kind of.  Duluth has been around for a long time which says a lot just in itself.  However it’s clothing and sometimes you can overpay because of a name.  So before we got these clothes, we were really interested to see if the clothes were worth the money. We had a chance to try out a shirt, boots, and two pairs of shorts, along with a pair of cargo pants....

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Blaklader Shorts

Winter is gone and summer is here.  So sad we have to put away our Blaklader pants.  Oh wait, they have shorts.   Not just any shorts, but the same style and toughness as the pants, but only they don’t have the pant legs, which makes them shorts.  I have been remodeling my bathroom for the last 3 years, well actually 3 weeks and have been using the heck out of these shorts.  They are in the wash (finally) so I don’t have any pictures, but you can check out our older Blaklader article which shows them up close....

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Blaklader Work Shorts

After our review of the Blaklader winter work gear, we received numerous emails letting us know that its 90 plus degrees outside.  So we would like to start of by saying thanks.  After realizing our minor mistake, we thought now might be a good time to review their work shorts before winter comes.When I told Dan we were going to get some Blaklader work shorts he got very excited.  When I told him they where short and tight, like the 70’s style he couldn’t stop shaking because he finally had a reason to break out his yellow and green...

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