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SENCO RoofPro 445XP Coil Nailer

As you know Senco has been around for a long time.  They make great products and reliable nailers.  This time Senco put out a new roofing nailer, the Senco RoofPro 445XP coil nailer.  This nailer is designed for production and durability.  So what is so special about this nailer? There are a lot of new and cool features with this nailer.  First, it has an innovative firing valve which means less air consumption.  It also has less moving parts, which we all know means less stuff to break.  That’s always a good thing.  There are more innovative features of...

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SENCO announced a new coil roofing nailer.  The nailer is said to be lightweight, well balanced and is speedy, like Speedy Gonzales.  Well they didn’t say like Speedy Gonzales, but my two sons have been watching old Looney Tunes and every time I hear speedy, I think of Speedy Gonzales Senco has a new and innovative firing valve and power in, power out feed system.  What does this mean?  Not sure, but they tell us that it consumes 5% less air without compromising power or speed.  The RoofPro445XP can drive 12 nails per second and produces 324 inch-pound force at...

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Senco FinishPro 21LXP Pin Nailer

It’s no surprise that if you want to use a nailer for finish work you really only have two real options.  You can either use a 18 gauge brad nailer or a 23 gauge pin nailer.  The 23 gauge is nice because it doesn’t leave a big hole after you fire a nail.  On the downside, it doesn’t have the best holding power.  With an 18 gauge, you get the holding power, but you also get a bigger hole.  With the new Senco 21LXP Senco is trying to bridge the gap so you get the holding power of an...

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Senco Auto Feed Screwdriver Review Model DS312-18V

If I am going to be doing repetitive work, repetitive work, then I want a tool that makes this much easier. Which brings me to the Senco DS312-18V Auto Feed Screwdriver.  If you are using the same fastener over and over and over and over, this is the tool to have.  This is great for decking, decks, framing, sheathing, sub flooring, underlayment, drywall and other applications.  Personally I have used this more on underlayment than any other applications.  For me this is a great tool and a time saver. The Senco is powered by an 18V Lithium-Ion battery and...

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Senco DS212 18V Auto-Feed Screwdriver Review

Awhile back we reviewed the Senco Duraspin.  As you know we liked the screw gun but we were looking for more and what do you know?  They took our advice and made some changes.  Well I am sure they didn’t take our advice, but they did make some changes.  Well again, not really changes, they did what we like best, a redesign.  One thing that I really don’t like is when a company takes an existing item, makes a small change and then calls it a brand new product.  No complaint with Senco because they actually made this tool...

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Senco Duraspin DS275-18V Review

I can’t tell you how much time I have spent in my life fastening screws into drywall, decking and underlayment, but I bet it’s a lot.  I think of all the fasteners I have had to take out of my pouch, put on the end of the bit and drive home.  When it comes down to it, it’s a lot of wasted time.  Every time you stop to put more screws in your pouch or add a screw to the end of a bit, is wasted time or unproductive time.  Now I never really thought about this until I...

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Senco F-16A 5P0001N Cordless Nailer – The Future in Cordless Nailing

When Eric told me I was going to review an F-16 I was very excited.  I went right to Ebay to find a flight suit and helmet.  Then it dawned on me that he was talking about the Senco Fusion F-16A nailer.  I was still very excited because the Fusion is an innovative out of the box technology that is in a league of its own.  Sure there are other cordless nailers but the Fusion does not need fuel and doesn’t have a ramp up delay like flywheel nailers.  I have been using the Fusion F-18 for over a...

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SENCO Fusion F-18 18 Ga. 2 1/8″ Cordless Brad Nailer FN55AX – Review

Last year we gave an award to the SENCO Fusion F-15 Nailer for being the most innovative tool of 2011. Well it is now 2012 and I have to say it is still one of the most innovative tools. It changes the game and eliminates a fuel source. Gas cartridges can get expensive fast and the smell can be unpleasant when working indoors. SENCO solved this by designing a permanently sealed drive cylinder with compressed nitrogen. The F-18 proved itself to be invaluable for our flooring project. Instead of running two air hoses, we only had to run one...

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Senco – What’s New

Senco just announced they are introducing two new corded auto-feed screwdrivers and three new auto-feed screwdriver attachments. The first announcement is two new corded auto feeds, model number DS325AC and DS340AC.  Both kits include an industrial grade aluminum auto feed screw attachment, an extension pole for standing applications, a nylon bag and some bits, plus the screwdriver. Basically this is a system that saves time for the user.  The auto feed system saves time by eliminating the reloading of fasteners individually.  The Senco screwdriver is an in-line feed system which you can see by the pictures below The difference between...

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Senco Fusion Finish Nailer – FN65DA – Review

By now you have probably heard about the Senco Fusion nailing system.  If you have go ahead and skip this paragraph.  If not well the Fusion is Senco’s new nailing system that allows the user to break free from an air compressor and fuel cells.  That’s right, it works right off one 18V Lithium-ion battery to power this nailer.  The idea and concept behind the Fusion are very cool. Specifications of the Senco Fusion Aluminum Drive Cylinder Uses 15 gauge nails Fastener Length – 1 1/4″ – 2 1/2″ Weight – 14.7 lbs Length – 20″ Warranty – 2 years...

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