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Revival of the Proto J100

The Revival Proto has finally given me the green light to tell the world that they have the first new batch of J100’s in hand. In the next couple of months you’ll start seeing them pop up at your favorite Proto retailer. By now you’re asking yourself what a J100 is aren’t you? Well, it just might be the one tool you’ll carry with you everywhere you go (quite literally). In today’s world where marketing is largely based on clicks, likes, and shares, websites, forums, and social media have made it easy for companies to get their products in...

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Mac Tools SPMR357B – Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

Truck brand tools are not for the faint of heart (or wallet). They are high quality tools built with the professional user in mind and priced accordingly. I am by no means a professional user, but that doesn’t mean my tools don’t see constant use. I’m in my shop everyday doing something. From working on an old tractor to building a bird house for my 8 year olds 2nd grade project, and everything in between, not a day goes by that there isn’t something in my shop being built, maintained, or repaired. That’s why I’m stoked that Mac Tools...

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Proto DuraTek Screwdrivers

Well over a year ago rumors started creeping out that Proto was working on a new screwdriver design. Like any new Proto release, this excited me. If you know anything about Proto you know they have a tendency to stick with what works. Look through their old catalogs, even Plomb era stuff, and you’ll find that some of their hardline stuff appears much the same as it does today. Their 24 tooth pear head ratchets are based on a design in use since well before WWII and their Bet’R Grip driver handles in use up until recently, were based...

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Wera Kraftform Kompact 25 Review

Awhile back we reviewed some of Wera’s Kraftform screwdrivers. The handles were incredibly comfortable in the hand and the amount of science that went into them was remarkable.  If you missed it, no worries, you can check out our Kraftform review. Kraftform handles are available on many types of drivers. Today we’re taking a look at another Wera Kraftform driver, a multi-bit driver known as the Kompact 25 or the “James Bond Driver”. If you’re anything like me, at this point you’re wondering why they call it the “James Bond Driver”. I asked Wera the same question and they...

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Wera Kraftform Screwdriver – Review

Over the years I’ve seen screwdriver handles in nearly every conceivable shape. Round, square, triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, and just about everything else. There really is no industry standard design anymore. Some designs lean more toward comfort, while others lean more toward turning power. Then someone comes along and tries to produce a design that excels at both. Wera is that somebody. Founded in 1936, German based Wera is well known for high quality tools. Rather than being a “jack of all trades” and hitting the market with a Wera branded version of every tool and product imaginable, Wera is...

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KOBALT Double Drive Screwdriver 2.0 – Review

Last year we all loved the Double Drive from KOBALT, we even did a test and proved that it is really twice as fast as a regular ratcheting screwdriver.  Here we are a year later and KOBALT now has a Double Driver Double Deal!  You now get a mini Double Drive along with the big Double Drive.  The driver has remained the same with all metal gears except for the outer gear case which is now made of plastic which lightens the screwdriver a bit. The new mini is pretty much the same just smaller.  The end cap spins...

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Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver

Dan and myself went to the Kobalt tool event in NY and while we were there, we had the chance to play with the Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver.  Luckily for us, they also gave us a free one to take home.  Unfortunately we couldn’t take them on the plane, so we had to pay $35 to check the bag.   I know, why would we pay $35 to check a bag in when we could have left the screwdriver behind, carried the bag on the plane and when we got back to Chicago, just went and bought this screwdriver for $20....

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Milwaukee 11 in 1 SCREWDRIVER 48-22-2113 – Review

Milwaukee has been hitting the hand tool market hard.  They have been coming out with some innovative tools that save time.  Not only that, they have been coming out with tools that have multiple functions which means the contractor has to carry less in their tool belt which saves weight and room.  Who couldn’t use a weight break for their knees?  We recently did a review of the Milwaukee Reaming Pliers that has more than one function. Now it’s time to review one of their screw drivers, the 11 in 1 screwdriver.  Again this has multiple functions.  Besides the...

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Milwaukee 8 Piece SCREWDRIVER SET 48-22-2008 – Review

There is usually not too much to say about screwdriver sets except for if they are good quality or bad quality, that is until now.  Milwaukee is taking the tool world by storm, every niche that they get into, they not only make the best quality product, but also the most innovative and if no niche exists, they create one!  After we visited Milwaukee last month, we got an insight into this process and got to meet all the creative minds behind the products.  The most important person to create the tool is the user and Milwaukee understands that....

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Husky 13pc PowerTek Precision Screwdriver Set Model # 010-039-HKY – Review

While walking the aisles of Home Depot I came across this weird looking tool, at first for the price I thought it was just another screwdriver set, but to my amazement this was a tiny powered screwdriver. I have been looking for something like this for a while now. so I had to get it. Power Tool Review – Husky 13pc PowerTek Precision Screwdriver Set Power Tool Model– 010-039-HKY Specifications of the Husky D2.17” X H12.99” X W2.17” Uses AAA batteries (included) Weight: .4lb Voltage: 3V 13pc Set Lifetime Warranty Nuts & Bolts of the Husky The husky is...

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