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Bosch Blades

Okay, before we get started I wanted to make it clear Bosch didn’t pay us for this review, but we did get them to send us some blades.  Not long ago Dan was asking me what blades I used.  I told him it depends upon the tool. For table, miter or circular saws, I use Bosch or Diablo.  For Reciprocating saws I use either Milwaukee, Lenox or Bosch.  For Jig Saws and oscillating tools I pretty much stick with Bosch.  He ended up pointing out the obvious that I use Bosch as one of my major blades no matter...

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Diablo Ultimate Flawless Finish Saw Blades

You want a good saw blade?  Look towards Diablo, a division of Freud.  You pay a little more money compared to the off brand that sits right next to the Diablo blades on the shelf.  However in the long run, you’re actually paying less.  I believe the Diablo blades last much longer, create less wear on tear on your saws and produce a better cut.  For me, the couple of extra bucks is well worth it. We had the pleasure to get to use both the 10″ and 12″ saw blades.  We hooked the 12″ up to our Bosch...

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Irwin Marples Saw Blades

Looking for a quality saw blade for your table saw or miter saw?  Irwin has a new line of saw blades out that look very good.  The new line is called Marples and it offers the blades in a variety of sizes and tooth count.  One thing to note is these blades are made in Italy.  What does that mean for you?  I have no idea, but I do know the blades I have purchased in the past tend to last longer that are made in Italy as opposed to China.  In reality I believe Italy has higher manufacturing standards than...

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Framing Saw Blades – A Show Down

Is a framing saw blade just a saw blade or are they are all the same?  Honestly I don’t know.  The manufacturers would like me to believe so and they would also like me to believe theirs is the best on the market.  I do know a blade is very important since that is what makes contact with the material I am cutting.  Well we decided to see if there was a difference.  Now we are just two guys in a shop.  We don’t have fancy equipment to pinpoint if they are identical or slightly different.  We will do our...

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Bosch Daredevil Framing Blade

Bosch has a new framing blade that hit the market in August of 2011 called the Daredevil.  The blade is a 7-1/4″ 24 tooth blade designed for superior precision and speed.  The blade is designed for ripping and cutting, framing, hence 24 tooth. Bosch Daredevil Framing Blade Key Points Triple Sharp Teeth – Smooth Cuts, Excellent Finish.  Sharpen on top and sides. Control Cut Shoulders – Reduce Kickbacks Speed Coat Finish – Less Friction and pitch build up Expansion Slots – Control Blade Warp Body Slots – Reduce Heat for True Running Thin Kerf Design – Fast Cuts, Less Waste...

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Skil Bit & Blade Kit Power Tool Review

Specifications – Skil Drill Bit & Saw Blade Combo Kit Features Hard Case 43 Bit Drill Kit 1 – 7 1/4″Carbide Framing Blade 1 – 7 1/4″ Steel Plywood Blade Over the years we have seen a lot of these kits made by varies companies.  Most of the kits are good, but you will always find something in the kit that you either do not use or is cheap junk.  When we bought this kit, we weren’t sure what we would find.  Considering it is a Skil kit, we had high hopes for no junk, maybe just some useless sizes to get their bit count up. When we opened the case and took a look, we could see we were wrong.  The 3 nut setters are the most common used, the drill bits and bit inserts were also useable sizes all the way up to 1/4″.  A 1/2″ bit would have been nice, but again this kit was very inexpensive, so we new that wasn’t part of the package.  The screw guide was also very nice and strong.  The magnet was very strong.  We have seen a lot of magnet screw guides that don’t hold up much weight, but this one could very easily pick up 5 – 3″ screws, which is more than enough to keep the screw tight for any screwing position. The test we ran was...

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