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Savage Levels

Ahh the almighty level.  It can make our life easier, create a better finished product or can make our life a living hell.  Over the years I have seen a lot of companies come out with different levels, some great and some are just junk.  So what makes a good level?  For me I want a level that is accurate, easy to read and is built on a solid frame.  If I can find these three things, I am a happy camper.  Which brings us to the Savage Levels.  The two we are going to look at today are...

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Savage Folding Jab Saw – Innovative Shanking!

Jab saws are a must have for anyone, they allow you to quickly cut small material with an accuracy that you cannot get with a power reciprocation saw.   They use regular reciprocating saw blades and the savage model even has a utility knife nestled into the other end.  The Savage comes with 3 blades a metal, wood and pruning blade.  The saw has 2 cutting positions for better control and the over molded grip is comfortable to hold. A belt case comes with the saw to store it when not in use and it has a limited lifetime guarantee.  Overall it is a really good tool...

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