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Radio Death Match – Best Cordless Radio

As you know, we love to have fun at Tools in Action.  We don’t take ourselves seriously and we love destroying things.  So we thought about it and decided that destroying some radios would be a blast.  So we reached out to some manufacturers and got our hands on some of the most popular cordless radios on the market.  Now before I go on I want to get a couple of things straight.  First, this isn’t scientific.  This is just something we wanted to do and have some fun with.  We knew that no radio would survive to the...

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Ryobi Bluetooth Hybrid 18V Radio

What, Ryobi has a new Bluetooth radio out?  Yes they do and you know what, I don’t know anything about it, not even the model number, it’s that new.  Lucky for us, we had an expert from Ryobi come to the TIA compound and explain it in great detail.  You can either watch the video below or read what I have taken from the video. The new Ryobi Bluetooth radio runs off their 18V battery platform.  One cool idea, which Ryobi does with a lot of their tools, is have different power sources.  You can either use a battery...

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RYOBI P742 18V Mini AM/FM Bluetooth Radio

Ryobi has been coming out with more and more tools to add to their already massive 18V platform.  This time it’s the Ryobi 18V mini AM/FM Bluetooth radio.  I have to say I am digging the fact that these manufacturers are coming out with small radios.  It’s nice to be able to listen to tunes while you’re working, but not having to carry around a large radio. Don’t get me wrong, I love the large radios when I want to jam music loud, but sometimes you don’t want that loud music.  Sometimes, you just want a little background noise....

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Ryobi 18V Toughtunes Radio/Charger P745 Review

There is nothing like jamming out to your favorite tunes when working.  If you are like Dan he loves listening to Michael Bolton, well lucky for me I am not like him.  Personally, I like rock and country.  But whatever your flavor of music might be, one thing is certain, you need a radio that is tough, loud and has some cool features.  Which brings me to the Ryobi P745 Toughtunes job site radio.  So let’s see how it stacks up. Ryobi has one of the largest 18V lines which makes adding a job site radio to the line...

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