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Freud 26 Piece Artisan Router Bit Review

Recently I have been using my router a lot.  I built two doors for my medicine cabinet, did all my own trim work for my bathroom, built 18 spindles for a staircase for a customer, a wood mirror frame for another customer and a couple other smaller projects.  I am sure any woodworker will tell you when it comes to bits, don’t go cheap.  Well again I found this out the hard way.  When I started doing trim for my bathroom, I just grabbed some older no name bits I had laying around.  Well it began to become a...

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Mastercraft Maximum Router Bit Set 20 Pieces – 054-6813-2

Having a good set of router bits is extremely important.  Not only will a good set produce great work, but it will also put less wear and tear on your router.  The easier a router bit cuts through the wood, the less heat buildup in the router and the more use you get out of your router.   As you guessed, this review is for a router bit set.  This is a Mastercraft Maximum Router Bit Set.  The model number is 054-6813-2.  There are 20 different router bits in this set and they come with a lifetime warranty.  They all...

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Burgess Edge Router System Review

Overview of the Burgess Router Bits You might be asking yourself what is Burgess and what is so special about these router bits.   Well let’s take one at a time.  The Burgess router bit system was developed by Michael Burgess, hence that is where the name came from.  The router bit system is designed for edge banding. Edge Banding, in the simple form, is a way to make the edge of plywood look like a different type of wood, such a Maple or Oak. There are a couple of reasons you would want to do this.  First, to save money.  Instead of using an expensive hardwood for a cabinet or other project, you can use Plywood.  Another reason could be the weight.  Hardwood tends to be very heavy because of how dense the wood fibers are.  Plywood is lighter and easier to work with.  Plywood is also very strong because of the design.  It tends to resist cracking, warping and twisting.  These are only a few of the reasons why someone would want to use Plywood.  One downside to Plywood is the edges.  If you look at Plywood from a side view, you can see all the layers of wood.  Now sometimes the side layers look very neat if stained the right way, but if you want it to appear as hardwood, the layers of wood are very hard to conceal.  This...

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