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ROTOZIP RotoSaw+ Out with the Pros

Recently ROTOZIP sponsored us to go out and get the feedback of some drywall professionals.  The RotoSaw+ is perfect for drywall, it is why the tool was invented back in 1972.  The tool allows you to quickly cut out outlets, corners, light cans etc.  Whatever you need you cut in drywall the RotoSaw+ will do it faster and precisely. Today’s RotoSaw has a host of capabilities thanks to innovative circular attachments  This makes the saw a completely new tool and is great for cutting anything from tile to plywood.  Check it out below....

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RotoSaw+ 6-Amp Spiral Saw – Jack Of All Trades

For the past few weeks I have been following around a few contractors getting their feedback of the RotoSaw+ from RotoZip.  A couple things that I found surprising was how many tradesman use a Rotozip and all the jobs that a Rotozip can do.  For drywall and tile it is a no brainer but I was stunned to see a hardwood flooring installer use it on his tight cuts and to cut a medallion in the middle of a floor on a custom home.  Rotozips pretty much can be used for anything and any material.  They are great for...

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