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Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

Hilti is known for a lot of top notch quality tools.  Tools that are designed to be in some of the most abusive work sites in the world.  When Hilti designed the PR 30-HVS rotating laser, they put the same toughness into this tool.  There are certain job sites where you need a rotating laser, but we all know that most of these lasers are more delicate than our wife’s favorite vase.  Well, Hilti put a stop to that and said not anymore.  They built a premium laser that is not only extremely accurate, but extremely tough. We have...

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Johnson Auto Rotary Laser Level Review Model 40-6522

Plain and simple, lasers are cool and an invaluable tool to have around. They make life easier and make your finished project much truer.  There are lots of different types of lasers on the market today.  Some designed for tile, indoor use, outdoor use, layouts and more.  However if you need a laser for outside and need distance, you have to move up to a rotary laser. While they do cost more, the benefits outweigh the cost.  Which brings me to the Johnson 40-6522 Auto Rotary Laser.  We have tested a lot of other Johnson level products and the...

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Johnson Automatic-Leveling Rotary Laser Level with GreenBrite Technology 40-6545

We usually do not get to look at many rotary levels, in fact I think we have only reviewed three in our history.  If your not familiar with this type of level, it is actually pretty cool and can make your life easier.  A rotary level is great for a variety of application such as when your installing chair rails, drop ceilings, a deck outside or any other applications you need to keep a level eye on that might span a distance. Again we haven’t reviewed a lot of rotary levels, but we have had our share of Johnson...

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