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Rolair Buddy 1 Gallon Oil-Less Air Compressor

We always yap about how great the Rolair JC10 is.  But now there is a new Rolair that we can gloat about, the AB5 Buddy.  The half horsepower compressor only draws a measly 4.6 amps.  It delivers 1.4 cfm, 125 psi and weighs 25lbs.  This compressor is perfect for anyone needing a small lightweight compressor.  Best of all it is really quiet! The unit includes : Start/Stop Pressure Switch, Roll-Cage Design to Protect Pump/Motor, Safety Relief Valve, Intake Filter, Ball Valve Drain Cock, 4.6 Amp Motor, Pressure-Relief Valve, Air Line Regulator and Pressure Gauge, 1/4″ Universal Coupler. Check out the...

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Rolair JC10 – Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 4

We kicked off the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway with a DCN692 20V cordless nailer from DeWALT.  Now Rolair has added the awesome JC10 air compressor.  This 1hp compressor is whisper quiet and built to last.  It is perfect for any small job from running nailers to a shop application.  You can easily carry a conversation while the unit is running.  The tank holds 2.5 gallons and weighs in just under 40 lbs.  It is by far one of the best small compressors we have ever tested here at Tools In Action. To enter just engage!  Anywhere on our site...

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Rolair JC10 – Proving more than just good cheese comes from Wisconsin

Compressors come from a lot of manufacturers and very few make an impression.  The compressor market is filled with rebranded Chinese junk and one American manufacturer that stands out is Rolair! Just because you see a brand in a big box store doesn’t mean it is the best.  Some of the best tools you may never ever see in a Lowes or Home Depot.  Rolair builds some of the best compressors on the market.  The quality of these units are second to none and we have talked with old timers who swear by this brand.  Time is money on the...

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Rolair VT25BIG Air Compressor – Jobsite Tough

Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand.  Rolair has been building quality contractor grade compressors since 1959.  They are built to survive constant use and last in the work site environment.  The new VT25BIG has some innovative features. It has a S1 rated 100% duty-cycle motor which means it can run constantly without overheating or causing damage to the splash oil lubricated pump. The quality of VT25BIG is outstanding.  The welds are clean with no splatter and the powder coat job is top notch.  The wheels on the unit are pneumatic and...

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