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Lenox Gold Power Arc Curved Reciprocating Saw Blades

We visit the job site a lot.  We always want to get  feedback from the tradesman about what tools and accessories they use.  One name we kept hearing and seeing was Lenox reciprocating saw blades.  Contractors do not like to spend money on accessories, they want ones that last and perform for a good price. We checked out the new Power Arc blades from Lenox.  The curved design optimizes the angle of attack thus producing faster cuts.  The demolition blade for nail embedded wood flew through a 2×4 with nails in our tests.  You couldn’t even feel the nails, it...

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Diablo Extreme Metal Cutting – Cuts 2″ Trailer Hitch Ball

  Recently we went to STAFDA in North Carolina and witnessed the latest carbide tipped metal cutting blades from Diablo.  We were amazed at their demo, we had to see this for ourselves. We took a blade to Port Barrington Motor Sports and showed the guys from Brueski’s Marine Construction.  They had an old trailer hitch ball that we could cut through.  When I told them about the blade cutting though it, they did not believe me.  Even I was apprehensive about the blade cutting through. Watch the video for the results.  Get yours from Amazon.  Check out more...

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Bosch Pocket Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bosch introduced a new pocket size reciprocating saw blade.  How many times have you tried to use a conventional 6″ blade to get into tight spots?  Right, too many times.  What happens?  Well after the swearing and a little banging stuff up and vibration to your hand, you finally cut through the wood or pipe.  Well Bosch listened to the end user and came out with the pocket size blade, a 4″ blade.  This is a perfect size especially when combined with a compact hand held saw.  Bosch uses a 2×2 tooth geometry and a thin kerf for faster...

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