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Mac Axis Series Ratchets: Hands On Review

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the new Axis Series ratchets from Mac Tools. From the first rumblings nearly two years ago, the unveiling at the Mac Tool Fair in February, to their finally hitting the trucks in the last couple of months, the Axis Series have been one of the most anticipated hand tool releases in recent memory. Why? well, as anticipated as these ratchets were for consumers, they were and even bigger deal for Mac. The Axis Series is the latest addition in a major revamp of the Mac Tools line. Over the last couple of...

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Carlyle Tools: Power 90 Series Ratchets

As the American automobile market took off in the 1920’s, the auto repair business took off with it, and naturally, the auto parts market did too. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1925 as a Retail Cooperative by a group of businessmen headed by Mr. Carlyle Frasier, NAPA has been a key player in the auto parts business for nearly 90 years. Though some of the nearly 6,000 NAPA stores today are corporate owned, throughout it’s history many stores have been, and continue to be independently owned and operated. Outside of the auto parts section of the business, this led...

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TEKTON Flex Head Bent Handle Ratchet (14967)

With all the buzz about the new Pittsburgh Pro ratchets, we overlooked a similar but unique release from TEKTON. Employing the same head design and ratcheting mechanism, TEKTON’s Flex Head Bent Handle Ratchet is what was called a Spark Plug Ratchet back in the day. Designed to provide increased function in an engine compartment, around framework, etc., the bent handle ratchet helps circumnavigate any number of obstacles that might stand between you and a fastener. It employs an 11″, 25 degree offset handle, in conjunction with 180 degree flex head, to provide clearance where standard ratchets can’t. The head...

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Blackhawk Tools – A Well Kept Secret

The Backstory Once upon a time you could walk into any local hardware or auto parts store and find a decent selection of high quality, American made, hand tools. Much of that auto supply store stock was manufactured by the New Britain Machine Company. New Britain was a huge manufacturer during most of the 20th century and did much of their business manufacturing tools for private label brands such as Craftsman (Sears), Penncraft (JC Penny’s), NAPA, PowerKraft (Montgomery Ward’s) and others. In addition to their Namesake brand as well as the None Better and Mustang budget lines, they would...

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TEKTON Extra Long Ratchets – Superman Like Strength

A few months back we reviewed TEKTON’s Composite Ratchets. While I reserve them mostly for situations where I don’t want to mar the working service, they are still going strong. TEKTON recently added some new specialty ratchets to their lineup, and as the 1 or 2 of you who have read my reviews know, I have a thing for ratchets. Everyone should have at least 4 in every dive size if you ask me. Each ratchet in my repertoire has a task for which it preferred. Everyone has their “go to” ratchet that they use more than all the...

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TEKTON Composite Ratchet Review

Everyone has at least one tool that they have too many of. Well, you can’t really have “too many” tools, so perhaps “more than you need” is the more appropriate term. For me, ratchets are one of those tools. If I gathered them all up I must have at least 20. There are so many different types it’s almost crazy. Standard length, long handle, stubby, flex head, indexable, offset, pear head, round head, composite, fine tooth, course tooth, wait, composite? as in plastic?   So what is a composite ratchet? The good folks over at Tekton sent us a...

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Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet

Kobalt is has taken Double Drive technology and put it into a ratchet.  The Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet operates like a normal 3/8″ ratchet except for the twisting and extendable Double Drive handle.  It has a lifetime warranty and our set came with some bits and a few sockets.  The ratchet will allow you to get into places where other ratchets don’t dare..  When you get into an area that you cannot move the ratchet you can twist the handle for Double Drive action.  This is a great idea, however when you have a really tight nut you cannot...

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