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QuickCable Rescue 1060 Portable Power Pack – Power When You Need It

We wrote about the Quickcable Rescue 1800 jump pack last year and admired it as a workhorse jump pack.  Recently we got to check out the 1060 Portable Power Pack which besides being a jump pack has an inverter and an air compressor.  The extra features on this product open up a whole new world of applications.  For campers it is a life saver to charge your devices, illuminate your camp site and even jump start your RV after your kids left the radio on all night.  ATV/UTV trail riding, boaters, the list goes on.  Even to regular home owners the...

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QuickCable Rescue 1800 Jump Pack – We put it to the test!

Ahh winter, the time when car batteries seem to fail in drones.  I worked a car dealership back in the 90’s and in the winter we had to jump everything.  In those days there was not portable jump packs like today, it was a big battery cart.   A marina is also a place where a jump pack is a necessity and they don’t seem to last.  The marina goes through 3 or 4 jump packs a year.  It is used daily, left off the charger for days at a time, left out in the rain and used in...

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