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Revival of the Proto J100

The Revival Proto has finally given me the green light to tell the world that they have the first new batch of J100’s in hand. In the next couple of months you’ll start seeing them pop up at your favorite Proto retailer. By now you’re asking yourself what a J100 is aren’t you? Well, it just might be the one tool you’ll carry with you everywhere you go (quite literally). In today’s world where marketing is largely based on clicks, likes, and shares, websites, forums, and social media have made it easy for companies to get their products in...

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Proto Clik-Stop Adjustable Wrenches

Adjustable wrenches have been around in some fashion since as early as 1842 . While the origin of the basic style as we know it today is subject to some debate, it is typically credited to Swedish Inventor Johan Petter Johansson of the Bahco Company and based on a patent dated 1891. Popularized in America by the Crescent Tool Company of Jamestown, NY around 1915 as a tool intended for making brake and clutch adjustments, the adjustable wrench quickly gained popularity for it’s versatility. Versatile and handy as they may be, adjustable wrenches have their limitations. Like any tool,...

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Proto Air Ratchets – First Look

Back in December we reviewed Proto’s J150WP Air Impact Wrench and were throughly impressed with what it brought to the table. We also told you to expect more on Proto’s new Air Tool line as it expanded. Well, today I’m happy to report we have one of the new 3/8″ Air Ratchets in hand and ready for review. The Scoop On Air Ratchets: There’s no question that air ratchets are a time and work saver. It’s a whole lot easier to depress a paddle switch than it is to jerk a ratchet back a forth 30 times to remove...

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Proto DuraTek Screwdrivers

Well over a year ago rumors started creeping out that Proto was working on a new screwdriver design. Like any new Proto release, this excited me. If you know anything about Proto you know they have a tendency to stick with what works. Look through their old catalogs, even Plomb era stuff, and you’ll find that some of their hardline stuff appears much the same as it does today. Their 24 tooth pear head ratchets are based on a design in use since well before WWII and their Bet’R Grip driver handles in use up until recently, were based...

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Proto Air Impact Wrench Review J150WP

If you’ve followed me on the forums at all, you know that the last 6 months have been a crazy time in Conductor’s life. Sold my house quicker than I expected, moved in with my parents (with my Wife, 4 kids, 4 dogs, and a cat), bought a new house, remodeled the whole thing, and moved in around Thanksgiving. I’ve been sitting on this tool for almost the entire time, but with no shop, no compressor, everything in storage, and nothing to use it on, I was pretty much out of options to do a quality review. I got...

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Proto Compo-Cast Hammers and More!

Proto has been on the move lately. After the updates to their ratcheting combination wrench, and ball pein hammer lineups (both reviewed by TIA), they still had some pretty notable updates.           1. Compo-Cast Hammers Proto sent us some of their new Compo-Cast “Deadblow” hammers to check out. These are a redesign of the existing core technology rather than an entirely new product. The new design features an entirely different handle and grip design which boast a more rounded handle with the grip being slightly contoured verses the previous square-ish handle with a checked style...

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Proto Anti-Vibe Hammer – Review

When it comes to ball pein hammers, I’ve always preferred wooden handles. I’ve used metal and fiberglass, and while there are advantages to them, nothing beats the feel and shock absorption of a good ‘ol hickory handle. We’ve all been there, pounding on the head of an old wooden handled hammer trying to get it on good enough to keep it from flying off on impact, or swinging a little long and watching the handle snap off. It’s for these reasons I occasionally get the notion to try something different. Try as I might, I never much cared for...

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Proto Ratcheting Combination Wrenches – Review

Compared to most mechanics tools, ratcheting combination wrenches are relatively new to the market. Despite their short existence, they have firmly established their place as a staple in toolboxes everywhere, so much so that some mechanics and DIY’ers have phased out traditional combos altogether. I’m something of a traditionalist when it comes to hand tools and while I love the functionality and convenience ratcheting combos provide, when it comes down to busting that old, rusty, corroded, fastener, I instinctively reach for the traditional combo. I’ve used models from I couldn’t tell you how many manufacturers, but none of them...

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Proto “Anti-Slip Design Combo Wrenches – Review

Proto “Anti-Slip Design Combo Wrenches Of the dozens of types of wrenches, combination wrenches are by far the most common. First introduced in 1933 by the Plomb Tool Company (Plomb became Proto in 1948), the combination wrench quickly gained prominence due to the versatility of having open and box ends on the same wrench. 1933 Plomb Tool ad: We won’t speculate as to whether Plomb was referring to “Skinned Knuckles” or taking a jab at The SK Hand Tool company Today combination wrenches are an essential part of any tool collection and while the overall design hasn’t changed much...

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