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PowerNail 2000 Cleat nailer – Added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway

  Powernail is pretty much the Cadilac of flooring nailers.  They are built for the professional installer and can usually be seen in the rental department of your local big box store.  They take a beating and keep working every time.  This tool basically is a first of its kind.  It allows installers to now nail 5/16″ to 9/16″ tongue-and-groove flooring instead of using adhesive.  It is great for thin flooring and the Powernail cleats are designed to grab but still allow of expansion of the material.  Check out the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway 4 and the newly added Powernail 2000.  ...

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Powernail 2000 20 Gage Nailer Review

I can’t say I have installed thousands of hardwood floors, but I have done quite a few.  When it comes to click and lock or engineered flooring, I haven’t done too many.  I do know that dealing with the glue or the hollow sounds of click and lock and engineered flooring can be a huge deterrent from installing them.  Well things have changed.  A large company approached one of the top brand nailers, Powernail, and said they needed a way to give alternative ways to install their flooring.  That’s when Powernail developed the 20 gage 2000. If you are...

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Powernail Pneumatic 20 Gage Cleat Nailer Model 2000

We just found out Powernail came out with a new pneumatic 20 gage nailer.  This is the industries first pneumatic, trigger operated 20 gage cleat nailer.   Basically this is designed to work with today’s popular 5/16″ to 9/16″ tongue and groove flooring.  So now you can get rid of the glue and rid of the hollow sounds.  I am pretty excited because what does this mean?  It means we get to go to Powernail and play with this new nailer.  So pretty soon we will have a review up and see how this really performs.  If it performs...

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PowerNail PowerPalm – Pro Flooring Tools

We raved about the Powernail 50p but what about areas that you cannot get the 50p into?  The PowerPalm is the perfect tool for the tight areas.  It uses 16 and 18 gauge Powercleats from 1.5″ to 2″ long.  Think of the tool as an auto hammer for cleats.  It fits in the palm of your hand, all you need to do is insert the cleat and gently put pressure on the tool.  The Powerpalm does all the work with ease. Each time someone would use the Powerpalm they had a smile on their face and said WOW.  It...

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PowerNail Flex 50P – What the Pro’s Use

One of the perks of Tools In Action is that we can usually get our hands on any tool that we want.  So when I decided to start our wood floor project I wanted the best flooring tools I could find.  First I checked the net, then asked some experts and finally I just called a few tool rental places and asked what they rent.  I did this because newbie DIY users are hard on floor nailers,  Think about it, it is a tool that you constantly hit with a hammer so rental stores want one that lasts.  Everything...

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