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Powermate PM0146500 6500-watt Generator with Electric Start – Reliable Power

It doesn’t matter if you’re a party animal, outdoors type of guy or a contractor, sometimes you need reliable power.  Power you can trust and rely on to either power your tools, your camper or your bands lighting.  There are many generators on the market, but one name that keeps coming up is Powermate, which we have become to rely on and like.  If you are looking for an alternative source generator take a look at the propane Powermate we reviewed. The PM0146500 provides 6,500 watts and a peak of 8,125 watts, making this perfect to run your job site....

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Powermate PM0143250 – Power To Go

As those of you on the TIA forum know, I have a mini-quad race team. We stepped up this season and began building a fully equipped trailer which will be the subject of some future articles. When we started building the trailer, I knew right off the bat I needed an extremely portable power generation solution. The PM0143250 from Powermate was just the solution I was looking for. Owned by Pramac since 2008, Powermate specializes in quality, affordable, power generation solutions. I have some previous experiences with Powermate (all positive) so I had no reservations about using them again. I...

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Powermate PM0135500 Propane Powered Generator – Daily Dose

We do a lot of generators here on Tools in Action, but this is our first alternative fuel source unit.  The Powermate PM0135500 is powered by liquid propane.  Yes the same 20 or 30 lb tanks that you use for your BBQ and heaters will now power your generator.  Advantages to this are huge as there is no gasoline to go bad and foul up your carburetor.  It is always ready to start. just lock down a tank on the top and it is ready to go. The average homeowner generally has a 20lb propane tank on hand. Propane can...

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PowerMate PM0106507 6500W Generator – Review

Generators can save you in times of power outages, every household should have one.  There are many types and sizes of generators, so which one is a good one for you?  That all depends on your needs but we have come across a great all around generator that is perfect for anyone, even grandma.  Yes, I said grandma.  Power outages happen at in-opportune times and sometimes grandma is home alone when an outage happens.  With the PowerMate ,all she has to do is turn a key and she has power.  Obviously she would have to wheel it out of the...

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