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RAVPower Xtreme Capacity Compact External Battery Charger

Portable power is becoming a lot more prevalent in today’s technology world.  We have cell phones, tablets and computers and all those items take power in order to work.  One thing we know is that sometimes there are certain tasks you do on these devices that just eat away your battery power.  That’s why it’s nice to have a portable power source.  Well let me introduce you to the RAVPower Xtreme Capacity Compact External Battery Charger. The Ravpower Xtreme is a power bank that has 18,200Ah of energy.  Which means you can charge your cell phone or tablet multiple times...

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DeWALT DCB090 USB Power Source

DeWalt is more of a perfectionist then an innovator. Let me clarify, they have some really innovative products like the Gyro screwdriver.  However generally they are not the first to plate with new innovative products like competitors such as Milwaukee tool.  Milwaukee has had it’s 12v power source out for a while now.  The DCB090 does one thing and one thing only. It provides you a reliable and safe USB power supply for all your phones, tablets or anything else that uses a standard 5V USB plug. USB plugs have been around for years and have proven their ability...

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Milwaukee M18 Power Source 49-24-2371

Let me guess, you saw our video of the M12 heated jacket and thought to yourself, wow those guys are cool, I have to get one.  Then you go online and look around for the best deal.  It’s at that point you realize there is about a $50 difference from the bare jacket, to the one that includes a battery and a charger.  No big deal, you get the bare jacket and use your M18 batteries.  Oh wait, you can’t.  After all it is called the M12 heated jacket for a reason.  So then you think about it for...

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Milwaukee Power Port Review

Looking for a quick boost of power?  Take a look at the Milwaukee M12 Power Port.  This is one of Milwaukee’s newest line ups to their M12 Lithium line. The power port is a great way to take power to a portable level.  Over the years there has been some other companies who have tried this, but so far they have never caught on.  Makita, Black & Decker and a couple others had a portable system, but for one reason or another, they never really made it big.  We think Milwaukee has a big shot with this one and for a couple of reasons.  First is the Lithium battery power supply.  This system is very light, weighing only about 1 lb. for the port and the battery.  Second the system is very compact, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room to store.  Third and probably the biggest reason, Milwaukee has a huge M12 line up.  They currently have over 12 different tools for the M12 line and have plans on adding more to this line.  So basically a user is not just buying a battery and a power port.  Most users will already have the M12 line of tools and this port just makes a great addition to the line.  Considering the port only cost about $30, it is a small investment compared to other power port options in the past....

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