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Stanley P2G7S Power To Go Battery Booster

Stanley recently announced a new charger to their line up of battery chargers.  This is the Stanley Simple Start model P2G7S.   This is a nice small charger for your car that will work with 4, 6 and even 8 cylinder engines.  The great thing about this charger is that it’s easy to use. Say you have a dead battery on your vehicle.  In the past you always had to find someone to jump your car.  You had to open the hood and be comfortable attaching the jumper cables to both batteries  This charge is a little different.  You can...

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QuickCable Rescue 1060 Portable Power Pack – Power When You Need It

We wrote about the Quickcable Rescue 1800 jump pack last year and admired it as a workhorse jump pack.  Recently we got to check out the 1060 Portable Power Pack which besides being a jump pack has an inverter and an air compressor.  The extra features on this product open up a whole new world of applications.  For campers it is a life saver to charge your devices, illuminate your camp site and even jump start your RV after your kids left the radio on all night.  ATV/UTV trail riding, boaters, the list goes on.  Even to regular home owners the...

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