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Porter Cable 20V Drill and Impact

I am not sure how you feel about Porter Cable, but for me, I have a hard time figuring out where it fits in.  When I say that, it’s not a knock against them.  I just don’t know if they are hitting the homeowner or the pro.  As an example, the new drill and impact we are going to talk about today.  In my opinion, both the drill and impact are quality tools, but with a price tag of only $150 with 2 batteries.  While I think this drill and impact can be used by the pros because I truly...

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Porter Cable 16GA Straight Finish Nailer

Last October we told you about the Porter Cable 18ga Brad Nailer and the Crown Nailer.  Now Porter Cable is launching a new nailer to their 20V line, the 16 gauge straight finish nailer.  The new nailer has a capacity of 1” to 2-1/2” and a magazine capacity of 100 nails.  A user should get up to 1,000 nails per charge (4Ah battery), but again that depends upon what type of material you are nailing into.  If you want to lighten up the tool a little and use a 1.5Ah battery, you will get about 375 nails shoots per charge....

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New Porter Cable Nailers

Porter Cable just released two new 20V Max Nailers.  They released the 18 Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler kit model PCC791LA and the 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Kit model PCC790LA.  I was going to do two separate articles on these nailers, but since they are pretty close to being the same, I figured I would condense it into one article. Both of these nailers comes in kits which means you get the tool, 1- 1.5Ah battery, a charger and some nails or staples depending upon which one you buy.  For me, I think these are more designed for the Home...

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Porter Cable 8V MAX Impact Screwdriver – PCC842L

Today Porter Cable announced a new 7.2V “8V MAX” Screwdriver.  It weighs 1.4 pounds and has 125 in-lbs of bolt tightening torque.  It is 6.48″ long for getting into tight areas.  This tool is good for light applications.  For overhead work it is a no brainer.  The battery is non removable which gives the tool a limited life span.  When your battery no longer holds a charge to tool is dead.  Another downfall to this is when the charge is depleted you have to stop working until it is recharged.  For the Home Owner this is a good little...

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Porter Cables New 20V Line Up

When we first got a a chance to check out the new 20V impact and drill from Porter Cable we were impressed at what we saw.  Now that we have had a chance to check out some more tools in the line up here is what we think.  Wait a second step back, let me first talk about the 20V situation.  We recently had a tool fight between the 18V Milwaukee and 20V Dewalt hammer drills.  Since then we have had a few people email us addressing concerns that the DeWALT edged out the Milwaukee because it had 2...

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Porter Cable Compact Router Combo Kit Review – 450PK

I am a big fan of Porter Cable routers.  Primarily because I own the 690 and it has lasted, even under the conditions I put it through.  I can’t say I am the friendliest to routers.  I tend to set the depth too deep and push the router too fast.  Yes I know that’s wrong and dangerous, but what can I say.  Put it this way, when I am done routing wood, it’s just a big smoke screen, wood chips everywhere and the sound of a motor screaming and stalling.  Okay well maybe it’s not that bad, but any...

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Porter Cable Router Multi-Base Router Kit Review – 693-LRPK

Routers are one of those tools that can make your work really stand out.  You can create designs on the face of wood, build shelves, tables or just about anything your mind can think of.  Well not a whole building, but I think you get my point.  Now I can’t say I am a hardcore woodworker, but I have built my share of tables, cabinet doors and more.  So for me, I don’t need the high end router.  I just want a tough, easy to use and quality router.   Which brings me to the Porter Cable 693LRPK which...

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Porter Cable 20V MAX 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver Kit PCCK640LB – Review

With design cues from the Millennium Falcon the PCCK640LB looks like something from Star Wars.  They really made this tool eye appealing and dare I say the word, sexy.  I just used the word sexy describing a tool.  I really need to get out and date!  The PC 20V line has really impressed us here at Tools in Action.  It looks awesome but does it cut the mustard?  Let’s find out. The kit comes with 2 1.5 Ah batteries and at the base of the tool is a 3 bar battery status gauge.  The batteries are spring  loaded which provides...

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Porter Cable 20V Max Drill/Driver – A Huge Step Forward

Porter Cable has been around for a long time and they have had their ups and downs just like every other manufacturer.  It wasn’t too long ago that we tested the Porter Cable 18V Drill model PCL 180CDK-2.  The PCL 180CDk is a great drill and has lots of power and great balance, but lacked the “it” factor.  However, just like other manufacturers, Porter Cable took this one step further and developed a new platform called the 20V max.  The new Porter Cable platform is a huge leap.  Currently they offer a drill/driver and impact, but they will have more...

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Porter-Cable PCCK510LA 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool – Fathers Day Give Away

The Porter-Cable PCCK510LA 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool at $169 makes a great fathers day gift.  We recently received a unit for a hands on and we like what we see.  The tool is not much bigger than its little sibling the Porter-Cable PCL120MTC-2.  The 18V version provides longer run times (up to 15 min) and the same industry leading tool-less accessory change that all other Porter-Cable oscillating tools have. The kit comes with a bag, a charger, one 18v battery and 32 accessories in a nifty clear case.  If you try to use the tool like a 18v reciprocating saw...

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