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Porter Cable Compact Router Combo Kit Review – 450PK

I am a big fan of Porter Cable routers.  Primarily because I own the 690 and it has lasted, even under the conditions I put it through.  I can’t say I am the friendliest to routers.  I tend to set the depth too deep and push the router too fast.  Yes I know that’s wrong and dangerous, but what can I say.  Put it this way, when I am done routing wood, it’s just a big smoke screen, wood chips everywhere and the sound of a motor screaming and stalling.  Okay well maybe it’s not that bad, but any...

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Porter Cable Router Multi-Base Router Kit Review – 693-LRPK

Routers are one of those tools that can make your work really stand out.  You can create designs on the face of wood, build shelves, tables or just about anything your mind can think of.  Well not a whole building, but I think you get my point.  Now I can’t say I am a hardcore woodworker, but I have built my share of tables, cabinet doors and more.  So for me, I don’t need the high end router.  I just want a tough, easy to use and quality router.   Which brings me to the Porter Cable 693LRPK which...

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Porter Cable Compact Router Review – 450PK

Porter Cable is known for great routers, we take a look at the Porter Cable router combo kit the 450PK and see if it worthy of the Porter Cable name.   Specifications of the Porter Cable 1.25HP motor Soft starting motor – Full-time electronic  feedback to maintain motor speed through cuts Adjustment to within 1/64” Plunge Base and fixed Base 5 position adjustable turret Up to 1.5” depth travel with standard base and 2” with Plunge base 8 slot ¼” collet 7 Amps No load Speed – 27,000 rpm Rocker Switch Weight 4.1lbs   Where do we start.  Do we...

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Porter Cable Router Power Tool Review

We reviewed the Porter Cable Router.  Porter Cable is known for their routers being tough and a workhorse and this time is no different. Specifications – Porter Cable Router Model – 690LR Amps – 11 HP – 1 3/4 Volts – 120 RPM – 27,500 Height – 8″ Cord Length – 7 Ft. Weight – 8. Lbs. Other Features 1/4″ & 1/2″ Collets Auto Release collet Micrometer depth adjustment – 1/128″ 100% Sealed Ball Bearings Carrying Case We have always liked the Porter Cable Routers, but they still need to go through our power tool review steps.   The first thing we noticed  was the case.  When we opened the case, the router was a tight fit.  We usually like a little room for bits or other items that belong with the tool.  We took the router out, unpacked everything, and tried to put it back.  Obviously it fits back into the case, but there is no room for any other related items. At first we though it might be heavier than  the weight of 8lbs.  After picking it up we found that it was extremely light because of the machined aluminum case and base it is made from.  This is good news! You want a lighter router because you don’t want to fight the weight of the tool. Heavier tools create more force when used, and this can wear...

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