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Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

We all know that Klein makes some of the best hand tools around, but recently I just found out how great their Tradesman Pro Backpack is.  Can I end a sentence with is?  Not sure, but the one thing I am sure of is if your looking for a mobile backpack that is tough and easy to organize, then you might want to take a look at the Klein backpack. The Klein backpack has 39 pockets to store your tools.  It’s not just a coincidence that the inside of the tool bag is orange, it actually has a function.  With...

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Klein Tools Klein 55431 Tradesman Pro Organizer Lighted Tool Bag

Tool bags and organizers are the hot thing right now it seems.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie, well Klein has upped their game and added an innovative LED light to their bag.  Why is it innovative you ask?  Because the light can be positioned to shine either outside or inside of the bag.  It also can be removed and mounted.  It has a magnet and hook so you can use it as a work light. The bag has 31 pockets and the interior is orange making your tools easy to see.  The overall quality of the bag...

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Veto Pro Pac MC Tool Bag – Mini Tool Bag

If you need the toughest bag in the industry you go Veto Pro Pac.  We have been using them for a few years now and they have yet to disappoint.  Veto is releasing new ones to keep up with the demand and needs of the tradesman.  The bags are made from the highest quality materials.  Get yours with free shipping from the Tool Nut The bottom of the MC is just like any other Veto, it is made from a 3MM thick polypropylene base.  This keeps out moisture when you set it down.  The bag is 1800 PVC Denier...

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Klein Tools 55452RTB Tradesman Pro Organizer Rolling Tool Bag – Tradesman Tested

One of our friends from Local Electricians Union 134 had a dilemma. He had been working downtown Chicago and walking a few miles back and forth to the job site with over 80lbs of tools and gear. He needed a solution with wheels. We recommended he use the Klein 55452RTB Tradesman Pro organizer. We also recommended he get an assault rifle, car alarm and lots of ammo. That is for another article though.  The 55452RTB is one of the few wheeled tool bag solutions for the tradesman on the market. The bag weighs 19 lbs and has 6″ never...

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Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of Veto Pro Pac products.  Nothing comes close to protecting and organizing your tools.  Lately they have been cranking out some great new products like the Backpack and TP series.  Now they have released the CT “Cargo Tote”  The carry all of tool bags.  These bags are tough, they are made from the same 1800 denier nylon as the rest of the Veto Pro Pac line up.  This material resists tearing and ripping like no other bag on the market.  We actually shot up a Vet Pro Pac with over 200...

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Veto Pro Pac – Tech Pac

Tool bags are great, but they hamper your ability to carry anything else when you transport them. Backpacks are a great option to keep your hands free to carry other items to the job site.  They even allow you traverse more terrain and climb ladders.  Veto Pro Pac has recently released a new back pack for the professional technician.  The backpack has all the features of the Veto line up.  A thick 3mm waterproof base protects your tools from whatever wet things you set it in.  The entire bag is weatherproof and uses marine grade rivets .  The base...

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Targus City Gear Bag

You may be wondering why we are doing a review of a backpack.  Well two reasons.  We are expanding our reviews and articles to more than just tools, we want to talk about useful items you can use.  The other reason was I was visiting a friend on a local job site and had my pack on me.  I was dropping off some papers and had them in my pack.  I opened it up and gave it to him.  A couple minutes later he was asking me for a knife to cut open some packages, again I reached in...

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Veto Pro Pac vs AR-15 Assault Rifle – The Toughest Tool Bag on the Planet

To some tools are just what you need to fix a thing here or there, but to others tools are your livelihood. If your the latter then the Veto Pro Pac is your bag. This is the OT-XL the medium bag in the Veto Pro Pac open top line up and like the other Veto Pro Pac’s it does not disappoint. This is our 5th review of a Veto bag so I am going to approach this review differently: This Bag is BAD A&*! Nothing comes close to the quality and durability of this bag. The 3mm Polypropylene base is almost indestructible and waterproof perfect for when you set your bag down in a wet environment. You know all the specs from our previous reviews, so in this review we decided to test how tough a Veto Pro Pac really is.  We took the OT-XXL to a gun range and put it up against an AR-15 assault rifle, a shot gun and a few rifles.  Obviously from the videos I cannot aim to save my life, but the other guys could.  We shot over 200 rounds at the bag, we tried to destroy the bag as much as we could.  The bag remained intact and is still operational.  Nothing comes close to a Veto Pro Pac it is one of those products that just last and lasts no matter...

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Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag – Review

There are a lot of tool bags available to the contractor.  Tools bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to try and tailor the perfect bag to the user.  When you think about, how many tool bags have you gone through in your life?  How many real tool bags have you owned in your life?  If you never owned a Veto Pro Pac tool bag, then the answer is zero. Power Tool Review– Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag Power Tool Model – XL Pros: Tough, Protects your tools, Waterproof Base, Organization Cons: We didn’t own this earlier to help...

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Husky Tool Bag Review

Recently we purchased the Husky 16in & 12 in tool bag combo from Home Depot on Black Friday, so naturally we had to do a short review.   Although mainly known as Home Depot brand tools. Husky has been around since 1924, they offer a lifetime warranty on most of there hand tools and have a great price point. We were generally impressed with the quality of this product the seams were strong, the zippers worked well and the over feel of the bag was heavy duty. The amount of side pockets is great for any job. With the...

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