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Milwaukee 20″ Jobsite Organizer Model 48-22-8030

Milwaukee recently added to their storage line with the announcement of the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer model 48-22-8030.  I know what you’re thinking, isn’t there already a lot of organizers available on the market?  You’re correct, but really what is one more and well if you know Milwaukee, they added a little twist to their organizer. I have to say this is one of the most versatile organizers we have tried out.  So what makes it versatile?  First, as with most organizers, you can stack these one on top of another and also lock them into place.  However while most...

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Coolbox – The World’s Most Advanced Toolbox

Thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo you don’t have to be a huge tool company to get an innovative product on the market.   Check out the Coolbox, a box that has just about everything you need for the job site.  My favorite feature is the magnetic lid so you don’t lose screws and parts you are woking on.  My least favorite feature is the cooler, not sure I would want melting ice next to my expensive power tools.  This looks like a great idea.  Check out more at...

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Metabo Tool Storage

Tool storage is big business,  You can be like DeWALT/Milwaukee and make your own storage solutions or you can be like Bosch/Festool and re-market an existing brand. Metabo did the latter and followed in Festools footsteps by hooking up with Systainer. It is called Metabo Metaloc and comes in a few varieties.  Not much is know about the system yet as we have seen an official USA press release.  The system looks like it can clamp to a Metabo dust collection unit and like Festool has a guide in the lid for tool placement.  We will keep you posted as...

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Milwaukee 13″ Jobsite Work Box 48-22-8010

Milwaukee has been a little late to the storage game but we are liking what we see so far.  The boxes are not interlocking but they are innovative and useful.  We tested the 26″ job box awhile back and liked it with the exception of the latches that pop open when dropped.  The new 13″  Work Box is more of carry everywhere box.  Perfect for the tradesman to carry all their tools to a job. The box can also be used as a stool which is pretty cool. However it cannot be used as a step.  Well at least that...

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Milwaukee 26″ Jobsite Work Box 48-22-8020

One thing I am a big fan of is storage.  How nice is it to go from your truck to a site and not have to make 20 trips back and forth to carry your tools?  Dewalt, Bosch and Festool all have great storage solutions, but Milwaukee has been late to the market with theirs.  Well the wait is over.  Milwaukee has their first tool box out called the Jobsite Work Box model 48-22-8020.  So what is this box all about? Strength, storage and organization. First, Milwaukee designed this box to be made job site tough.  In fact, they...

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Dewalt Tstak Boxes Review

A while back we took a look at the Dewalt Tstaks.  At the time they were offering four different types of boxes.  Well they were such a big hit for Dewalt, they decided to introduce two cool new boxes.  The Dewalt Tstak DWST17805 expansion organizer and the DWST17806 deep box.  I have been using these boxes for a while and love them.  Dan found some cool ways to integrate his system with his hobbies.  He uses some of his Tstaks for his remote control cars and electrical wiring stuff.  I know a lot of people love the Dewalt Tough...

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Dewalt Tough Box Review

We have reviewed a couple different storage systems over the last year.  We have done the L-Boxx, T-Staks and two different Dewalt Tough Boxes (second Article).  So why a third review on the Dewalt Tough System?  Basically Dan has been using this system for a while and I have been using the L-Boxxes.  Recently I have incorporated the Dewalt Boxes into my rotation.  While I still use the Bosch L-Boxxes, the Tough System is different.  I know you’re probably asking which one is better, but if you check out the video below, we did a comparison.  While not a...

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Veto Pro Pac TP4 – Tech Tools

Veto Pac Pac has hit the scene hard the past few years and has become to be known as the toughest soft sided bags you can find.  We have yet to completely destroy a Veto Pro Pac and trust us we have tried.  We even shot one up here.  Recently Veto introduced a smaller tool pouch and meter bag the TP3 and MB.  I personally have been using both everyday for my networking jobs.  The TP3 just clips onto my belt and I am off, my most used tools are on my person and easily accessible.  Veto has now...

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DeWALT TSTAK Storage Boxes – Review

If you have been following us you know that DeWALT makes the toughest storage solutions on the market with the Tough System.  The Tough System is great but what if you need a smaller option?  Luckily the TSTAK came along to fill that void, think Tupperware for men.  The TSTAK was designed from the ground up for the user, not just some rebranded existing storage system.  The TSTAK system is innovative, tough and is perfect for almost any task.  Unlike the Tough System,  there is no rubber seal on the TSTAKs to prevent moisture from getting in.  Right now...

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Veto Pro Pac TECH PAC 1 – Toughest Backpack on the Planet

Our favorite soft tool bags announced that they are coming out with the TECH PAC 1.  It has most of the features you would expect from a Veto Pro Pac including 47 pockets to hold just about anything.  This bag is great for anyone who is mobile and needs a hands free solution for situations like tower workers, paramedics, HVAC techs or just anyone who wants the best backpack on the planet.  Don’t believe us?  Check this out Check out Veto Pro Pac...

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