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Milwaukee Offers 3 New Hand Tools

Milwaukee is at it again, this time they have released three new hand tools.  They now have the following items: Fencing Pliers – 48-22-6410 Ironworker’s Pliers – 48-22-6102 7″ Nipping Pliers – 48-22-6407   Milwaukee 7″ Nipping Pliers 48-22-6407 These new pliers have an iron carbide edge and smooth jaw.  They are also rust resistant.  The jaws are designed with an optimized angle which makes them perfect for cutting and pulling nails, screws and other materials.  If you’re dealing with fasteners, it’s always nice to have a pair because we are always dealing with at least one stubborn fastener....

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TEKTON – American Made Pliers!

We’ve reviewed several TEKTON tools in the past and one thing we’ve been consistently satisfied with is the value they offer. If for no reason other than their fantastic customer service, it’s hard not to consider them when you need an affordable solution. I have never heard anyone who called TEKTON about an issue not comment about how positive the experience was. Look around on Amazon and you’ll find more than a couple instances where a TEKTON Rep has sought out a customer with an issue to make it right. In an era where excellent customer service seems like...

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Klein All Purpose Pliers – Today’s Modern Side Arm – J206-8C

Have you ever just picked up a product and it screamed quality right off the bat? Well that is the feeling I get with these Klein pliers.  The first time I saw these was when we went to the Klein factory and had a chance to experience the Klein reputation first hand.  Let me say, it was a blast.  Dan even had a blast, but I think he loved eating the bull balls the best.  One thing we love about Klein is the made in the USA pride.  Klein could very easily be quiet and start shipping certain tools...

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Milwaukee Torque Lock Locking Pliers – First Look

Every-time you go to Costco they have some sort of new take on the standard locking pliers.  They never seem to work right and always end up being returned.  Sometimes the simple original design is the best.  Take these new pliers from Milwaukee, they have the standard proven locking pliers design.  But they also have a feature on the adjuster that allows you to use a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the jaws.  The leverage that a screwdriver can give you beats any thumb screw..  Just enough innovation to make it better than most other locking pliers , but...

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Channellock E-Series

Channellock has been around for a long time and makes some great hand tools.  Just about everyone owns at least one product from Channellock.  They are quality and last.  Channellock just came out with their new E-Series. The E-Series is a line of combination, long and bent nose, and diagonal cutting pliers.  So what’s so special about the E-Series?  First they are a sleeker looking tool, but there is a more important benefit and that is called Xtreme Leverage Technology or XLT.  Basically this means the new E-Series positions the rivet closer to the pliers head so that considerably less...

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KOBALT Magnum Grip Pliers – Perfect Gift

20 or so years ago Bob Villa was all the rage with the Robo Grip pliers.  KOBALT has their own take on the Robo Grip with some innovative features.  The great thing about these pliers is that they auto adjust, are under $20 and have a lifetime warranty.  Another feature that stands out is that you can use the tool like a caliper thanks to the easy to read markings.  You can gauge the size of any nut or bolt up to 1 1/4″ on the 8″ pliers and up to 3/4″ on the 6″ pliers. The 8″ pliers...

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Channel Lock – American Made?

What’s going on now-a-days?  No matter where you look everything is being made in China.  Yes we know it’s cheaper and sometimes companies don’t have an option if they want to stay competitive, but come on where does it stop? Well it seems that is the approach Channel Lock has taken with their Code Blue Line. Enough,  let’s bring it back.   Channel Lock recently announced they are bringing back the production of their soft grip to the United States.  The Code Blue line has always been forged in Meadville, PA, but the grips haven’t.  For a while the...

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Milwaukee Pliers – Electricians Dream Tools

        48-22-4106 6″- 48-22-4107 7″ – 48-22-4108 8 ” – 6 in 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers Milwaukee has come out with some pretty cool and innovative hand tools.  The biggest thing we noticed with Milwaukee hand tools is the ability to lighten up your tool belt.  A lot of Milwaukee hand tool have multiple uses which means you don’t have to carry as many tools in your tool belt.  Well as you can see, these pliers do the same thing as they are multipurpose. Reaming Bolt Cutter Wire Cutting Nail Pulling Nail Cutting Staple Pulling The pliers have a very nice...

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GearWrench Double X Pliers and Hemostats – Innovative Hand Tools

Long needle nose pliers are usually used in tight compact spaces, but they have one major flaw, You need space for the handles to spread to open the jaws. The GearWrench Double-X Pliers use a compound joint to remain as narrow as possible.  I must say it really works.  I dropped a nut into a tight area and was able to retrieve it with the pliers where standard long nose pliers wouldn’t stand a chance.  The grips of the pliers are double dipped which make them comfortable to hold. The hemostats have a higher quality feel than the pliers....

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The Extractor – Nail Extracting Pliers

Pulling a nail is not a big deal, well unless your Dan then its a broadway production.  If you have to pull a lot of nails, then it can be a pain and time consuming.  Thats when the Extractor Nail Puller can come in handy.  Not only will it pull nails, but it also pulls staples, screws and other fasteners. When you first look at the Extractor, they look like regular pliers.  A closer look at them and they are a lot more.  The design is what makes these so cool.  You only need minimum force for the gripping...

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