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LifeProof – Construction Grade iPhone 5 Case

A phone these days is something you almost always have with you. The iPhone 5 is an engineering marvel, so sleek and slim. The problem is that it can get damaged easily. Recently Eric purchased an iPhone 5 and he got an Otter box for it. The Otter box is a tough case, but it isn’t dust or water proof and is quite large and bulky. We reviewed the Lifeproof for our iPhone 4 here and it really did a good job at protecting the phone. The Lifeproof case protects your phone from water, dust, shock, dirt, mud etc.....

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Need a Job-site Tough iPhone Case? – Check out the LifeProof Case

A phone is your most important tool.  When you’re on a job-site you use it for phone calls, taking pictures and making calculations.  I even use mine as a level with the Johnson Level App.  I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4S and I am deathly afraid of damaging it when working.  I did some research on the net and came across a few options, but most were too bulky for my needs.  Then I came across the Lifeproof case, a waterproof case that gives you maximum protection against anything you throw at it. The first thing LifeProof wants...

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Graber Cell Phone Case Review

If you all ready read our review of the Graber tool belt and pouch, you will know how much we love their products.  They are high quality and crafted to last a long time.  All their products are hand made and made to last. You wouldn’t think we would get excited about a cell phone case, but actually we are very excited about this case.  Everything about this case shows quality.  There are four strong rivets that hold this leather case in place and help keep its shape.  The double stitching offers a nice design look.  Even the button that snaps down to hold your cell phone in place is strong, when you snap it into place, the only way it will come unsnapped is by the user.  The metal belt clip in the back is also solid and will stay on your belt until you remove it.  It is tight and strong and will stay in place. We put our cell phone in the case and dropped it from about 20 feet up in the air on a cement driveway.  As we expected, the phone stayed in the case.  We opened the case and nothing was wrong with the phone, not even the screen was cracked, every button and option on the phone worked.  Now we doubt this will ever happen to you because of the Stainless Steel...

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