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Home Depot Pro App

Before we start, I want to let you know we did get paid to write about this app.  We get a lot of companies who ask us to pay us to write about a product or something else.  I have to say we turn down a majority of companies who want to pay us to write an article for two reasons.  First, most of the time the product is junk and secondly we feel there is a conflict of interest.  However when we were approached to introduce the Home Depot Pro app, it was an app I was already...

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Best Construction Business Apps for the Pros

I am almost 40, I cant believe it.  In my many years I have seen construction technology evolve into one guy can be  running an entire construction business from his truck.  Today we will talk about the Apps of the trade and how they help make your day productive, saving you time and money.  I will try to cover iOS, Android, Windows and OSX, although if you are using windows there is no hope for you!  J.K. What are Apps? In the old days you used to have to insert a disk , enter a license key and install...

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Iphone for the Contractor

    We have received a lot of emails over the past couple of months about using an iPhone on the job site, so we thought it would be appropriate to cover some of the basics such as protection and different apps. The iPhone has been a craze ever since it was introduced, and now with over 75,000 different apps, this is truly a mini computer.  For this article we will cover just a couple simple ideas that every contractor should know about the iPhone and what apps are great to have. As you know the first thing we must cover is protection of the phone.  Naturally you are going to drop the phone or accidentally toss some lumber on the phone so you need to protect your phone.  We haven’t found a better phone protector than the Otter Box.  The whole phone is protected by a hard plastic case.  There is a film that covers the screen which adds protection.  Over the hard plastic case is a nice rubberized shell which provides shock protection and adds better grip.  With that said, it does make the phone a little more bulky, but well worth it.  It might take a user a little bit of getting use to typing with this protector, as some of the letters on the side might be a little hard to type, but nothing that...

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