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Peragon Truck Cover Revisit – Daily Dose

Truck bed covers come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone has a different need and likes a different style.  A year or so ago we put a Peragon cover on our truck.  I have to say I have been 100% happy with the operation and overall durability of the cover.  It has held up through the brutal Chicago winter and had 4 feet of snow piled on it with no issues.  For the $699 there is no better cover.  Even if the Peragon were up in the $1k range I would still be considering it.  The low profile and...

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Peragon Truck Bed Cover – Ford F-150 Ecoboost Project

I love truck covers, they protect your cargo from weather and theft.  There are all kinds of tonneau covers, rolling, flip, one piece ones, the list goes on. Personally I like a low profile clean look and the Peragon is one of the best looking covers that I have seen.  The powder coated aluminum panels give an almost factory like appearance.  When you need maximum space you can easily take the panels out to give you full bed access.  The Peragon is available factory direct from Peragon.com which saves you a ton of money because there is no middle...

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