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Pelican 1750 Gun Case – Military Grade Weapon Protection

As an avid Tools In Action reader you have probably seen our Youtube channel.  We started out with just our 1st generation iPhones filming all the action.  Today we have thousands of dollars worth of video and audio equipment.  To protect our investment we use Pelican cases. Our camera case has been abused on the streets of Chicago, on Job-sites and molested by the TSA on numerous occasions.  Never once has it failed or a piece of equipment been damaged.  Well, except the time Eric slammed it shut with one of our $150 mic cords hanging out of it....

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Pelican Vault iPad Tough ProGear Case – Jobsite Tough

Today’s contractor carries a digital device with them everywhere, if not a phone then a tablet. One of the most popular tablets and the one we use here at TIA is the Apple iPad. I personally use a mini and have always been worried about even taking it out of the house because I don’t want to risk it getting damaged.  Pelican is world renowned for their superior cases.  They are the top choice for protection.  When I found out that they had some iPad and iPhone cases I had to try them out. Upon receiving my Pelican ProGear...

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