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Paslode’s New Cordless XP Framing System CF325XP

A long, long time ago we took a look at the Paslode CF325.  Today we are going to show you the next generation, the Paslode CF325XP. For me and others, Paslode has always been a top brand for nailers.  Their roofing, framing, finish and other nailers are one of the best nailers around.  The reason they got this image is because they have always made very dependable and quality nailers.  Now they just released their next generation nailer, the CF325XP.  As you can guess by the model number being pretty close to the same, the tool is pretty much...

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Let Winter Workers Rejoice – Paslode’s New Framing Fuel

If you own any of the cordless Paslode nailers that run on their fuel system, you know that winter can take a toll on the fuel and hinder the performance of the tool.  Two years ago I was building a greenhouse in fall and some of the days were pretty cold outside.  I would leave my nailer in the truck overnight, I would always take out the battery and bring it inside, but I would forgot about the fuel.  What happened the next day?  Yes, I was trying all different ways to heat up the nailer and the fuel,...

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Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer Added to the Ultimate Toolbag Giveaway

We are excite to add another ultimate tool to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.  Paslode announced they will include their new cordless framing nailer that will hit stores in November 2015.  In fact it is so new, we don’t even have a picture of it yet.  The new nailer model number is CF325XP.  The bag just gets better and better and we still have over 5 months before the giveaway.  As you know we will add more and more stuff as we get closer to December 25, 2015. Here is a little teaser of the new nailer.  The nailer...

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Paslode New 21-Degree Framing System

Paslode announced a new framing nailer.  The new nailer is a 21° framing nailer that weighs only 8.1 lbs.  As with other Paslode products, I am sure this one will be just as tough and will be able to take tough drops.  Paslode’s resin-collated nails are created using a resilient collation material that ensures fewer strip breakages and wasted nails when compared to other plastic nails on the market.  This is designed to further reduce jams and misfires, which means less down time. The nailer has a tool free adjustment and a top load magazine.  Yes it has a...

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Paslode F350S – 50th Anniversary Edition

  When you think of Paslode, you automatically think of cordless gas powered nailers because after all, they invented them. What you may not know is that they were pioneers in the pneumatic nailer market as well. Paslode started out in 1935 selling steel strapping for bundling materials, but it was in 1959 with the introduction of the first pneumatic tool, a light duty upholstery tacker, that they started developing into the company we know today. In 1964 Paslode introduced the “first commercially accepted pneumatic nailer”, called “The Gun-Nailer” and never looked back. Today there is hardly a framing crew in...

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Paslode Fuel+Nail Pack

How many times have you been doing a job only to run out of nails or fuel?  Then you work your way to the store to grab some nails and fuel to finish the job.   Then you find out after the job that you have either too many extra nails or fuel.  Not a big deal of having extra, well the fuel could be if you don’t use it because it expires. Paslode created “Fuel + Nail Pack”, a system where you don’t have to worry about figuring out how many nails you need and how much fuel you...

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Paslode PF350 Powerframer Framing Nailer Review

Paslode is well known for their nailers, but many people look at Paslode as having one of the best nailers on the market.  We recently had a chance to get our hands on the PF350S which is an air nailer.  Not too long ago we took a look at the Cordless Paslode Framing nailer which is great for punch list items.  If you are looking to do framing and need power and reliability, this Paslode is perfect. There are a bunch of features you want to look for when buying a framing nailer such as the ability to sink...

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Paslode 16 Gauge Angles Lithium-Ion Trim Nailer Review – IM250A LI

I am a huge fan of nailers.  Primarily because they make my life so easy.   A user  has three options to choose from: Pneumatic Gas Battery All three options have pros and cons, but my choice of nailer is the gas nailer.  Yes, they are the most costly to operate, but I think they give you the biggest bang for your buck.  If I have to spend a little more in order to not have to carry around a compressor, hose and worry about people kicking it over, it’s worth it.  Plus I don’t have to listen to the compressor kicking...

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Paslode Cordless Lithium Framing Nailer – CF325Li

Okay, here is the deal.  If you read our review of the Paslode CF-325, you know we love this nailer.  In fact we even named it the best nailer of 2011.   Well one thing we know about Paslode is they listen to the consumer. Manufacturer – Paslode Model – CF-325 LiCF325Li   This is just one bad *ss tool.  It is tough, well balanced and is a true workhorse.  So when we first heard Paslode upgraded this tool, we were a little sad.  We were amazed why someone would take an incredible tool and make changes.  Once we wiped our...

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Paslode CS150 Cap Stapler

One thing I have been doing a lot of lately is framing out basements and roofing.  Since this overview is of a Cap Stapler, the basement experience is worthless for this article, so I am a happy that I have had some time on a roof.  Not that I have been working on roofs for a long time, but on my first job I saw the crew using a hammer and nails for installing felt.  Not that there was anything wrong with it, but it just seemed so much slower and tedious than using a nailer.  So we contacted...

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