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OEMPTA Oscillating Accessories

If you have watched any of our drill or impact reviews, you are probably familiar with seeing a blue bit we use.  In fact, we get emails all the time asking about those bits.  A couple years back we received a request to try out some of their bits and other accessories.  Most of the time we ignore these emails because they tend to be cheap junk.  After doing a little research, this company intrigued us and we decided to give them a shot. Well turns out, they actually make some pretty good stuff and for a great price....

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Bosch Multi-Tool Blades 30% longer life

We can’t always agree on everything in this world, but one thing we can agree on is that Oscillating blades suck.  Well we shouldn’t say suck because they are great for a wide variety of projects, but they never last.  Also it’s not like they are cheap to replace.  Bosch is going to help take care of this little problem by increasing the life of oscillating blades, by 30%, over conventional blades. We all know heat kills blades.  With the new Bosch blades, the heat is spread out over the blade allowing it to cool quicker and not run as hot....

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