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OEMPTA Oscillating Accessories

If you have watched any of our drill or impact reviews, you are probably familiar with seeing a blue bit we use.  In fact, we get emails all the time asking about those bits.  A couple years back we received a request to try out some of their bits and other accessories.  Most of the time we ignore these emails because they tend to be cheap junk.  After doing a little research, this company intrigued us and we decided to give them a shot. Well turns out, they actually make some pretty good stuff and for a great price....

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Drill Bit Accessories – OEMPTA

We receive a lot of request to review products.  Most of them from overseas and most of them are just plain junk.  When we received an email from OEMPTA, we weren’t sure what to expect.  But we decided to give them a shot.  We have to be honest, when we received them in the mail and looked at them, we put them to the side for a couple of days and didn’t think twice about them.  After all they didn’t have the fancy packaging or a name we were familiar with.  We thought they we just imported from China and...

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