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NWI NLP05 Three, Four, Five Selectable Point Laser

We don’t have much experience with NWI, so it is a little hard to speak about in regards to longevity and quality of the laser.  However we did give this away to a reader (Nicholas) who I am sure will let us know there thoughts in our forum. The laser is self leveling and with one push button, it couldn’t be any easier.  Just push the button to set the laser to desired points.  On the side of the unit, is the on/off switch which also sets the laser to self leveling or free mode.  The unit does look well protected...

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NWI Laser Distance Measurement Device Model LSC 60

Today we are going over the NWI Laser Distance Measurement.  This is by no means a review, it’s more of an overview of a device we found a while back.  In fact, Mike Z would be the best to talk about this since he won it.  Now I would like to say sorry to Mike Z because it has taken me longer to ship out and as I sit here and write this overview, the device is sitting next to me getting ready to go into a USPS box. We first saw NWI at a trade show a while...

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