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Newborn Caulk Guns – HybridTech Series

I can’t say caulk guns are that fun to talk about, but for some people they are the center of of a conversation.  Newborn came out with three new caulk guns, which you can see in the video below.  The new series is called the HybridTech Series Model 211-HTS Model 212-HTD Model 288-HTR I don’t know that much about caulk guns, but lucky for us we have Ty over at the marina....

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Newborn Rodless Caulk Gun Review Model Z-Lite

This is a cool tool that was first brought to us by a local TIA member, PT Custom, which we hope to meet soon.  He emailed us a while back and told us about the Newborn Rodless caulk gun.  In all my years I have never heard about this.  Maybe because all my caulk guns are from Home Depot and I pick them up whenever I need one or I should say when I forgot mine at home.  When he first told me about this I thought what a great idea.  I know there have been plenty of times...

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