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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

This is the time of year I love the most, but at the same time it’s one I struggle with.  Mainly because I have no idea what to get my wife.  So this year I decided to come up with a couple ideas and also see what other people are giving their wives.  That way I can steal one of their ideas and just call it my own. Now if you have no idea of what to get her, just make sure it’s something great like a new vacuum, dish cloths or pots and pans.  That is truly the...

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Top 10 Best Tools for Women – Guide

Thanks to you YouTube and other DIY sites woman are doing more projects than ever.  Every woman needs a tool kit and there are a lot of cheap pink colored tools out there that lure women in.  Ladies do you want to use a sub par tool or do you want to use a quality tool that will not only last you, but it will also enhance the quality of your work?  The following tools are great to have around the house.  One of the first things when tool shopping is stay away from anything pink!  Pink tools are...

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Top 15 Tool Gifts for Mom on Christmas

It is that time of year again.  Time to find some great gifts to buy mom for Christmas.  You can check this link out if you are looking for gifts for dad.  Okay, we may have lied in the title however since we are a tool site we will try to toss a couple tool ideas in the mix, but sometimes moms don’t get as excited about power tools as we do. Peace and Quiet– Try giving mom some peace by giving her time alone.  I bet she would love this one. A book or magazine – If she is not a big fan of reading books try a movie. Did we say peace and quiet – Did you skip over number 1?  If so you should go back and check this one out. Breakfast in bed – If you are a husband, son or daughter think about how many times she took care of you.  At least we can give her one day.  If you don’t cook, try Captain Crunch.  After all didn’t mom teach us it was the thought that counted.  Let’s see if she still believes that. Craftsman Clench Wrench Two Piece set – Actually you can get this for me too, I mean dad. You didn’t think we would put a tool in the top ten list?  After all we are a tool site. Video and Popcorn...

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5 Tools Every Woman Needs in Her Garage

5 Tools Every Woman Needs in Her Garage   By Emily McClendon Maybe you’re the kind of girl that doesn’t know a Standard from a Phillip’s head screwdriver, or maybe you just got finished replacing your own transmission; either way, there are certain tools every woman needs to have on hand.  I’m talking about the tools anyone can use, and that everyone should own.  Regardless of your significant other’s possibly extensive tool collection, you should personally make sure you have these tools in your garage. Air Compressor The air compressor is the mainstay of any tool collection.   Not only is there the obvious use, powering air tools, but air compressors are useful for tasks from cleaning the garage to simply maintaining your tire pressure.  Traditionally, the two major considerations for purchasing an air compressor are HP (horse power) and PSI (pounds per square inch).  Horse power has traditionally had the largest influence on the buying decision, with the stance that higher horsepower is better.  However, HP can be a misrepresentation of air compressor performance. In the same way car performance can be affected by a number of variables beyond HP, so too can air compressor performance rely on additional considerations.  The same is true of PSI, although a higher PSI would seem to mean a better air compressor, in actuality most air compressors require a PSI of 90+...

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Power Tool Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and its time to pony up some money to let mom know just how much you care.  Now if you want to be traditional, you can go the card and flower route, but you also have other options that might be of interest to her such as power tools.  What mother doesn’t love power tools, right?  Now she may not love the 18V reciprocating saw or a hammer drill, but there are plenty of tools that might be right up her alley.  The key to picking the right power tool for your mom is knowing what she loves to do or even not do such as hanging pictures or fixing the leaky sink.  If you know what she likes to do, picking the right tool is a lot easier.  Here are a couple of items that could be useful for most mothers and practical for hobbies or even small jobs around the house.   M12 Combo kit The Milwaukee M12 is manufactured by Milwaukee tools and is one of the largest lines of 12V around.  Now she may not need all the tools in this line, but they do offer some great tools that might be useful for hobbies, crafts and home repairs.  The tools are very lightweight and easy to handle, plus lots of power for most projects.  A couple tools to...

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