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Milwaukee 12″ Measuring Wheel 48-22-5012

Milwaukee recently came out with their 12″ measuring wheel.  Not that this is new to market, but it’s new for Milwaukee.  When I was in the snow plow business, I would use a measuring wheel all day long.  I can’t tell you how many wheel I went through in the summer.  Yes, summer is when we did all our bidding and measuring.  Before Google maps, I had to actually grab a wheel and measure walkways and parking lots.  On bigger lots, I would just open my window and stick the wheel out to get a measurement.  Yes, going that...

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Milwaukee Drain Snake M12 Kit 2571

When it comes to 12V power tools, Milwaukee owns the market.  Now the one thing i can say about their M12 line is it’s not a gimmick.  These tools are not only powerful, but they are industry specific.  While most manufacturers try to build up their 12V line of tools with out of the box solutions for one tool to fit all jobs, Milwaukee takes a different approach.  If an electrician needs a certain tool that will only be used by an electrician, Milwaukee isn’t afraid to tackle the job and create a specific tool.  As you can see,...

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Milwaukee Drywall Screw Gun Review – Powered y the M18 Battery

Drywall is considered to be one of the newer building materials on the market.  Even though it was developed in the early 1900’s, it wasn’t until the later half of the 1900’s that it became a common fixture intoday’s buildings.  Now looking around at any residential or commercial property, you find it unusual if you didn’t see any drywall.  While there are many reasons that the market has switched to drywall, one reason is cost.  Drywall is for the most part inexpensive, since it’s primarily rock.  Drywall is also easy to shape into 4′ x 8′ sheets, which makes...

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Milwaukee RedStick Box Levels

Milwaukee has been hitting the market hard with their new measurement line of products.  They started out with some great tape measures and then went on to develop some torpedo levels and more.  Not to mention their acquisition of Emprire leves.  You might be wondering the same thing I am wondering, why does Milwaukee come out with their own brand of levels when they have Empire levels?  Great question.  Why does GM build a Silverado and a GMC truck?  The only reason I can think of is Milwaukee has a great name and why not develop a product that all...

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Milwaukee Blower 2728-21HD

Milwaukee just entered the OPE market with their new Milwaukee blower.  Yes, they had a compact blower on the market for a while, but that was really designed for small clean up jobs.  With this blower, it’s designed for full clean up either on the job site or lawns.  I believe Makita was the first to enter this market and we have had a chance to test their OPE products out and love them.  Then I believe Dewalt was next.  While we tested them out, I can say I have had a lot of use with them, so it’s...

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Milwaukee M18 String Trimmer 2725

As you know Milwaukee introduced three new OPE products, the string trimmer, the hedger and the blower.  So today, we are going to jump into the string trimmer.  Since we started TIA, i can’t say I have been to impressed by many battery operated string trimmers.  As of today the only ones I found that I really like are the Ego and the Makita.  So how does the Milwaukee stack up? For Milwaukee’s first shot at a string trimmer, i think they did a great job.  As you know with a tool like this, balance is extremely important to...

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Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum – 0882

If this vacuum is anything like the Milwaukee M18 0880-20, this thing is going to be a winner and everyone will want it.  I have owned the 0880 since it first came out and this thing is still running strong.  We use it almost every day from cleaning out the truck to sucking water out of our pit and everything in between. The new Milwaukee M18 compact vacuum seems to be just as cool, but with a twist, which is one thing I am digging about this vacuum.  You can either use it standing up to get a larger area...

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Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20

Since I first heard about the Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20, I have been wanting one so bad.  See, I am the guy who likes to jam out or at least have some background noise at all times.  I think when things are quiet and I am alone with my thoughts, I get too scared.  So when Milwaukee announced the wireless speakers, I was excited. Now before I go on I want to clarify something.  Read the title again, this is a Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20, which means it’s just a speaker and speaker only.  There is not a radio...

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Milwaukee Copper Cutter – Tight Quarter Cutting

Another Milwaukee hand tool is now available for the tradesman.  Any good plumber or tradesman that deals with copper piping knows you need a good quality tool to produce quality work.  There are a ton of copper cutters on the market.  Some of them are great, others are cheap and break within the first month.  If we know anything, we know that Milwaukee produces quality products and products for the tradesman.  So when they brought to market their copper cutting tools, they didn’t cut any corners.  They designed a high-quality tool, that is designed to work every day. Milwaukee...

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Milwaukee Cut Out Tool – M18 Power 2627

Another new addition to Milwaukee’s huge line up of 18 volt tools, the Milwaukee Cut Out Tool.  As you probably know, cut out tools are a huge time saver.  No more getting your drywall knife out and having to cut around a box or door.  Instead you can use a cut out tool to make quick work and move on to your next sheet of rock.  A cut out tool is probably the most used tool by a drywaller.  Yes, they use a drywall gun just as much, but as you will see soon, Milwaukee has that also.  Milwaukee...

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