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Milwaukee Mobile Work Station 48-22-8560

Wow, do I feel like a broken record.  I feel that everything I am writing is about Milwaukee Tool.  Well I guess that is a great thing for them as it shows they have been releasing tools and there is interest from the end user.  So what do we have today?  Surprise, surprise another storage solution.  We first learned about Milwaukee’s tool chest two years ago at the media event.  When we finally got our hands on the first Milwaukee tool chest, we knew things have changed in the world in regards to storage.  They created a top of...

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Milwaukee Tech Bag 48-22-8210

If you have been following us for a while, you know we have always loved the Veto Pro Tech Bag.  While the Veto is great and offers a ton of storage, it tends to be extremely heavy.  Now put your tools in there and you will feel like you are walking around with a 50 lb bag of salt.  Well if you like the Veto series, you will love the new Milwaukee Tech Bag.  This has the same concept as the Veto such as protection and organization, but with a ton less weight.  In fact this only weighs 6.9...

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Milwaukee Organization Bags

Milwaukee Tool has been hitting the market hard with their new line of storage products.  A while back, you may remember we covered the Milwaukee 20″ Jobsite organizer case and the 13″ Tool Organizer.  Then recently they introduced a couple new Tool Boxes.  Well today they are adding to that line with two new ways to organize your tools and fasteners.  They have a Bucket Organizer Wrap Model 48-22-8175 and the Parachute Organizer Bag model 48-22-8170.   While I love tools, nothing beats a good way to organize your stuff.  How much time do you waste in your life...

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Milwaukee Tools Two New Storage Solutions

Milwaukee is hitting the market hard with new and innovative storage solutions.  If you watch our videos and why wouldn’t you, you will noticed their toolbox in the back of the videos.  In my opinion, these toolboxes are the best in the market.  The drawers are self closing, easy to open and sturdy.  Well today Milwaukee Tool announced they are releasing another storage solution, the 30″ Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet (48-22-8530) and the 60″ Mobile Work Station (48-22-8560).  Both new units are constructed of reinforced angle iron frame and 5” industrial casters for ultimate durability. The 60” Mobile Work Station...

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Milwaukee Bucket & Parachute Organizers

Just when you thought you could give your wallet a rest, Bam, not a chance.  Milwaukee Tool is at it again with two new storage organizers.  The Milwaukee Bucket and Parachute organizers.  We all know how important it is to be able to find your tools when you need them.  What happens when you can’t find your tool?  Right, you swear and then think someone ran off with it.  After you run around the job cursing everyone out and then calm down to get back to work, you realize the tool you were looking for was at the bottom...

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Milwaukee 20″ Jobsite Organizer Model 48-22-8030

Milwaukee recently added to their storage line with the announcement of the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer model 48-22-8030.  I know what you’re thinking, isn’t there already a lot of organizers available on the market?  You’re correct, but really what is one more and well if you know Milwaukee, they added a little twist to their organizer. I have to say this is one of the most versatile organizers we have tried out.  So what makes it versatile?  First, as with most organizers, you can stack these one on top of another and also lock them into place.  However while most...

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Tradesman Pro Organizer Backpack

We all know that Klein makes some of the best hand tools around, but recently I just found out how great their Tradesman Pro Backpack is.  Can I end a sentence with is?  Not sure, but the one thing I am sure of is if your looking for a mobile backpack that is tough and easy to organize, then you might want to take a look at the Klein backpack. The Klein backpack has 39 pockets to store your tools.  It’s not just a coincidence that the inside of the tool bag is orange, it actually has a function.  With...

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Milwaukee 13″ Jobsite Work Box 48-22-8010

Milwaukee has been a little late to the storage game but we are liking what we see so far.  The boxes are not interlocking but they are innovative and useful.  We tested the 26″ job box awhile back and liked it with the exception of the latches that pop open when dropped.  The new 13″  Work Box is more of carry everywhere box.  Perfect for the tradesman to carry all their tools to a job. The box can also be used as a stool which is pretty cool. However it cannot be used as a step.  Well at least that...

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Milwaukee 26″ Jobsite Work Box 48-22-8020

One thing I am a big fan of is storage.  How nice is it to go from your truck to a site and not have to make 20 trips back and forth to carry your tools?  Dewalt, Bosch and Festool all have great storage solutions, but Milwaukee has been late to the market with theirs.  Well the wait is over.  Milwaukee has their first tool box out called the Jobsite Work Box model 48-22-8020.  So what is this box all about? Strength, storage and organization. First, Milwaukee designed this box to be made job site tough.  In fact, they...

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Milwaukee Contractor Bag Review

Milwaukee Contractor Bag This Milwaukee tool bag came with the kit 2490-24.  As with the other Milwaukee storage bags, this one is no different.  It is made of Nylon and has two carrying handles.  While a shoulder strap doesn’t come with this bag, you can purchase a strap as Milwaukee has added this option. On the inside there is more than enough room to store all four tools in this kit with room left over.  There is also pockets on the inside to store hand tools. The Contractor Review There is not much to review on a contractor bag, but we did want to cover a couple items.  First this bag is very nice.  The Nylon is thick.  We looked around for a count, but couldn’t find any info.  The count must be good as the bag is nice and thick and we doubt you would be able to easily pierce this bag. Another item we really like is all the available room.  Even with all four power tools in this bag, we had room for some other items, plus we could add hand tools in the inside pockets. Final Thought As with the other Milwaukee tool bags we have tested, this is a great bag to have around.  There is plenty of space and other pockets to store your tools.  We do wish this came with a shoulder strap,...

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