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Milwaukee 2101-22 M4 Screwdriver – 4 Volts of Joy!

When you think about 4 volt tools you usually think of Ryobi’s 4V Tek platform, which is a good platform for the home owner.  Well, now Milwaukee tool is sharing some 4V love with the M4 screwdriver for the pro.  This pocket driver for the pro is quite handy to have around.  Like the DeWALT DCF680 that we just recently reviewed, this is designed for those light duty jobs like trim plates and ceiling boxes, and even cabinets.  Anywhere precision is needed and a standard 18V or even 12V is overkill, the M4 is the tool to use. The...

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Milwaukee M12 Screwdriver

  About the Milwaukee M12 Hex Driver Milwaukee is really trying to capture the sub-compact power tool market.  Lately, they have been coming out with new tools for their M12 line.  One of the Milwaukee power tool originals is the Hex Driver.  Milwaukee has one main model, but you will see two model numbers, the 2450-22 and the 2450-20.  The only difference is the 2450-20 is the bare tool while the 2450-22 comes with 2 batteries, a charger and case.  We have the bare tool because we were using the batteries we had from the M12 kit we reviewed. The Hex Impact Driver is a Sub-Compact driver and only weighs 1.9 lbs, and with the battery 2.5 lbs.  The power tool uses a Lithium Ion battery to produce a whopping 850 in-lbs. of torque.  Pretty hard to believe this little guy puts out that much power.  The great thing about this driver is you get a lot of power in a small tool which allows the user to get into tight spaces.  The overall length of the tool is 6-1/2″.  The trigger allows the user to control the speed from 0-2,00 rpm and has an IPM of 0-3,000.  The Anvil size is 1/4″.  Some of the other features on this driver are an LED light to light up your work, and a built in fuel gauge to let the user know how much...

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Milwaukee M12 Cordless Screwdriver Review

  Milwaukee M12 Scredriver This Milwaukee Cordless Screwdriver, model number 2401-20 is part of the Milwaukee M12 line.  This is a compact drill and only weights 2.0 lbs, and 2.6 lbs with the Lithium Ion battery.  In the past if you saw a drill of this size, you would think the power would be small also.  Not the case with these new drills.  The Milwaukee Drill, even though small, packs a powerful punch.  This drill puts out a whopping 150 in-lbs of torque and has an impressive 0-500 RPM. Milwaukee included a clutch setting system on this power tool of 14, with the drill setting.  The chuck is a 1/4″ hex chuck system.  As we noted earlier, this drill is very small and light, it’s only 7″ long.  Compact enough to get into most tight spaces. The Review The first thing you notice when you pick up this drill is the light weight, which we really like.  The drill is very compact.   As you can see by the picture above, the handle fits in your hand very nice.  This gives the user a lot of control.  On the side of the drill there is a built in fuel gauge which is nice.  On the front of the drill there is an LED light that shines plenty of light, so the dark corners you need to access can be lit up...

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