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Milwaukee Sawzall One-Key – M18 Fuel Reciprocating Saw 2721

Not too long ago Milwaukee announced their new One-Key solution system for the contractor.  Since this launch I have read a ton about it, while I see a lot of positive reviews there are some who don’t see the benefit in the One-Key.  Now if you are not familiar with One-Key, the One-Key is a way for the user to set up their tools for their work.  A user can match the tool to their application  When a manufacturer designs a tool, they have to give it a balance between speed and torque.  However, some users may want the...

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Milwaukee Sawzall 2621

Milwaukee released the Sawzall model 2621 which will replace the 2620.  So what is so special about this new Sawzall and why did they replace it.  First let’s talk stats.  There is a little difference with the weight and length.  The new saw weights about one pound more and a little longer.  You will also notice a difference in Strokes Per Minute.  The old saw had 3,200 spm while the new saw has about 3,000 spm.  So you may be asking your self why are they making a new tool that that is heavier, longer and slower? Well that’s a...

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall Review

Milwaukee has been going crazy with their new Fuel line.  They started with drills and impacts, then moved over to cutting tools like the circular saw, grinder and now the Sawzall.  Milwaukee has built a reputation from this reciprocating saw.  A reputation of being tough and reliable.  In fact, most people call other manufacturers reciprocating saws, Sawzalls.  Well with the new Fuel, Milwaukee just broke through some barriers and made it even better. Before we start you should know that anything Milwaukee calls “Fuel”, basically means it is powered by a brushless motor.  A brushless motor has a lot...

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Milwaukee M18 Sawzall – 2620-20

What’s more fun than destruction?  I don’t know, but if anyone can tell me I am open to listening.  That’s why I love reciprocating saws.  I get to destroy things.  I really don’t like the clean up, but I guess that comes with the fun.  I am sure by now you have at least tried a Sawzall and you know what I mean when I say these things rock. The cordless Sawzall 2620-20 came in my new M18 kit.  I currently own a corded 13 amp Sawzall which I love and always reach for when I need to do...

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Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Review

  Milwaukee M12 Hackzall If your not familiar with the Milwaukee M12, you should be.  This is a Lithium 12V line Milwaukee introduced for professionals as well as home owners.  The HackZall is a reciprocating saw.  This is a little different than a traditional reciprocating saw in that this is only 11″ in length.  This means it is perfect for getting in tight spaces and can be used for a variety of applications such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing and more. Over all this is a very light tool weighing only 2.6 lbs. and with the Lithium Ion battery only 3.2 lbs.  The stroke length is 1/2″ and has a SPM of 0-3,000.  This saw also has a built in LED light to light up your work in dark places.  On the side of the saw there is a power meter to show you battery strength. There is a lot more to this HackZall, but lets get into the review and we can cover more. The Review One item you will first notice is the design of this saw.  It doesn’t have the traditional D-Handle grip that large reciprocating saws have.  Instead this saw has a nice long plastic grip.  So if you do need to get into tight spots, you have more leverage.  Another great feature we like is the chuck.  They use the same system to hold a blade in place...

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Milwaukee V28 Sawzall Review 0719-20

The Milwaukee Sawzall is one of the all time great power tools, and this review covers this amazing power tool.  This V28 Sawzall came in the Milwaukee combo kit.  The kit number is 0928-29.  You can also buy this Sawzall separately, the model number is 0719-20. The Milwaukee V28 Sawzall harnesses a lot of power and comes with some of the same features you are accustom to with their corded version.  Some quick specs are – 0-2000/0-3000 SPM, Keyless shoe adjustment and the famous Quik-Lok blade clamp.  The stroke lengh is 1-1/8″ and weighs only 7.1lbs.  Over all, when you pick up the V28 Sawzall, it doesn’t feel any different than the corded version.  The saw has a great balance and feels good in your hands. Since it has a lot of the same features as the corded version, we figured we would put it through a test and compare the Milwaukee V28 Sawzall to the corded Sawzall model number 6521-21, which is the 11 amp version.  For this test we just wanted to check the cutting action, vibration in hands and over all performance.  So we took two solid oak 2×4’s, we embedded some nails and put a metal stake in between the wood.  My intial thought was the corded version would perfom much better, but the power tool test would tell us the truth. We ran the test using the V28...

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Milwaukee Sawzall Power Tool Review

    Specifications – Milwaukee Sawzall Model – 6521-21 Amps – 11 Watts – 1,300 Volts – 120 Stroke Lengths – 1-1/4 in. Strokes Per Minute – 0 to 3,200 SPM Cord Length – 10 Ft. (Quick-Lok) Weight – 8.9 Lbs. Other Features Ball and Roller Bearings Orbital Action Linear Counterbalance (Reduces Vibrations) Tool Free Blade Change Adjustable Shoe Carrying Case This is one of my favorite power tools and that was one of the reasons we did a power tool review on the Milwaukee Sawzall.  I truly love everything about this and can not find one item to complain about.  The Milwaukee Sawzall is a power tool used to destroy, so it is even more important to buy a good quality tool as more accidents happen during tear down.  The body is put through more stress during tear downs, which can cause fatigue quickly without the right tool!  First impression when picking up the Milwaukee Sawzall power tool is “Solid”.  It has some good weight to it, but not to much, (8.9lbs) which helps in this type of application.  The rubber grips feel nice in your hands which means your hands will stay in place and not slide around.  The variable speed control is on the lower part of the “D” handle which is nice because your not going to accidentally change speeds.  Another item we noticed from...

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