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Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light 2146-20

Milwaukee is rocking the boat again with their new Radius light.  Back in August, we checked out their radius compact job site light.  We thought this was a great addition to their already massive lighting product line.  Well, today we are happy to take a look at the Milwaukee One-Key Radius Light.  If you are looking for lighting solutions for your job site, Milwaukee might just have you covered and this radius light might be something you are looking for. I am not going to get too involved in the light since we already took a look at the...

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Milwaukee Rocket Light Review – LED M18 Tower Light 2135-20

Milwaukee is adding another light to their line up. Milwaukee was the first company to really change job site lighting. They have a ton of lighting solutions available for the professionals.  Some of the lighting solutions include area lighting, task lighting and personal lighting.  A couple years back they introduced the Milwaukee Trueview LED light stand.  We all know this is a great light.  However Milwaukee being Milwaukee, they wanted to take a great light and make it better.  So let me introduce you to their new Milwaukee Rocket Light.  So let’s jump in and go over the Milwaukee...

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Milwaukee Search Light – M18 LED Light

Believe it or not, there is another light from Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Search Light.  Now I know what you’re thinking, Milwaukee turning out lights?  It’s crazy isn’t it?  Well actually Milwaukee has the largest light line available for any power tool manufacturer.  What I love about Milwaukee lights is not only their design, but they are quality lights.  The Milwaukee lighting division has been kicking butt and taking names.  They pretty much have a lighting solution for any professional tradesman.  From small lights to large stand lights, Milwaukee has you covered. When you look at the Milwaukee Search Light model 2354 it...

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Milwaukee M12 Light – Compact Flood Light 2364-20

Yes, you guessed it right, Milwaukee is shining up your life again with their new release.  Funny thing is that this is only the start of it.  When we were at their media event, they showed us a bunch more lights that will be coming out, but that is for another day.  Today we are here to talk about the Milwaukee M12 light, which is a compact flood light model 2364-20. How many times have you been working on something and you need a little more light?  Sure, we have all been there.  We grab our trusty light, turn...

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Milwaukee Radius Light Review

When it comes to lighting in the power tool world, no one comes close to Milwaukee and their large line up lighting products.  A couple years back, Milwaukee saw a huge gap in lighting and decided to jump on board and create some lighting solutions that work great for the contractor.  As time has passed, Milwaukee has not slowed down.  Year after year they continue to set trends and lead the way in the lighting industry.  So it should come as no surprise when I tell you that Milwaukee has their new Milwaukee Radius light available for the contractor....

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Milwaukee Flashlight – M12 LED Performance Light Model 2355-20

If you have been following us or Milwaukee Tool over the last couple of years, you know that they have been hitting the market hard with lighting.  In my opinion, no other tool manufacturer even comes close to Milwaukee’s lighting selection.  A user can tell Milwaukee has put a lot of thought, research, design and implementation into these lights.  I have to say out of all the Milwaukee Lights we have tried, they are all quality lights, all made for abuse and all reliable products.  So today we want to shed some light on the new Milwaukee flashlight model...

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Milwaukee M18 TRUEVIEW LED Stand Light 2130-20

When it comes to lighting, Milwaukee is starting to make waves.  These new lights are innovative, sturdy, practical and offer True white lighting.  As you probably know by now, they have a new Trueview LED Light Stand model 2130. We first saw this light at the Milwaukee Media event, but at that time it was only a prototype.  Now that we have it in our hands, I can truly say this is one nice light.  The light is powered off their M18 line of batteries.  One great feature about this light is how easy it is to set up...

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Milwaukee Trueview M18 LED Flood Light 2360-20

In regards to power tool manufacturers, Milwaukee is king of lights.  They have been hitting the light market hard over the last couple of years and have made a huge jump in the lighting industry with their trueview line of products.  Now with the new M18 Flood Light, they can add one more product number to their line. If you’re looking for portable lighting solutions, this is a great alternative to the traditional Halogen lights.  As you know Halogen lights break easily and they produce a lot of light. With the Milwaukee 2360 Flood Light, you don’t have to...

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Milwaukee Trueview M12 LED Spot Light 2353

When it comes to lighting in the power tool industry, no one does it better than Milwaukee. Now, I am talking about the power tool companies. not companies like Streamlight. Milwaukee has changed the game with their new lighting.  While other companies are still treating their lights as an added tool to increase the number count in their kits, Milwaukee is taking a whole new approach.  Here is a perfect example, their new Trueview M12 LED Spot Light. We already know they have the largest 12V line around, but now you can add one more tool.  Don’t just assume...

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Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light Review

In my opinion LED lights are great, but when it comes to the real world, they have never really been practical.  Well for tools and smaller items, they have been practical.  A while back we went to the Milwaukee event and saw two lights that really changed my mind. First, was the LED Stick light.  For a 12V light, that thing rocks.  Well now we have a chance to see the M18 Flood Light which is awesome.  As with other new items on the market, Milwaukee took time and developed something cool. This new system has multiple advantages over...

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