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Milwaukee Inspection Camera – M12 M-Spector Flex 2317

You probably know that Milwaukee Tool has a couple different inspection cameras available.  In fact we reviewed the 2314 back in 2014.  The 2314 is a great camera and for the price, it’s hard to beat.  An inspection camera is good for all most any professional tradesman.  It’s useful for plumbers, inspectors, electricians, HVAC and the list goes on.  However for a camera to be truly useful, you need a quality camera, that has a great image so you know what you are looking at and it has to be easy to move around in tight areas.  So that...

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Milwaukee 2314-21 M12 M-Spector 360 9 Ft. Kit

Finding the perfect inspection camera is quite a task, there are so many on the market  They have a ton of features and come at all different price ranges.  The Milwaukee 2314 M12 Spector is one of my favorite inspection cameras.  Her is what i like: Price: The M12 Spector doesn’t break the wallet, can find it roughly around $229 depending on where you shop.  It doesn’t break the bank but then again it is basic with no recording features. Clarity:  The camera has a great focus at no matter what distance you have at.  That means you can...

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Milwaukee M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera Review

  Milwaukee M-Spector Inspection Camera This Milwaukee tool is a great way to inspect and explore areas that you can’t get at with the naked eye! The Milwaukee inspection camera has a three foot long flexible hose with a camera lens on one end and a hand-held screen on the other end. The lens end of the tool has a light to illuminate the area you are trying to see. The flexible hose lets you see around tight corners if necessary. It’s great for looking between wall barriers or down tubes and the like. The screen on the hand held end has great resolution, coming in at 320×240, and is also capable of a 2x zoom. The camera also has a nice auto-shut off feature, just in case you forget to turn it off, saving always needed battery power. The Milwaukee Inspection Camera comes in two models; one that takes standard AA batteries and one that is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that comes with a charger. The screen was amazingly clear when we used the camera to look behind or between walls. The light on the end of the lens helped tremendously when trying to inspect hard to see areas in the dark. Here are the actual specifications of this neat tool: 2.4″ color LCD display in 320 x 240 resolution 2x image zoom 3x brightness control Flexible 0.75″...

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