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Milwaukee Hand Tools

Okay, are you sitting down?  You might not believe this, but Milwaukee has some new hand tools available.  I know, it has been a whole week since they released their latest version of Milwaukee Hand Tools.  One thing we can say about Milwaukee is they are very predictable for releasing a ton of products each month.  One line that has grown is their hand tools.  Milwaukee has been coming out with a ton of knives, pliers, screwdrivers and more.  Now they just released a couple new Milwaukee hand tools for people who are in need of clamps, locking pliers...

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Milwaukee Hand Tools Everywhere

Wow, I am not sure where to begin.  When it comes to hand tools, Milwaukee has been pounding the market with new tools.  I feel like every day I open my email and there it is, a new Milwaukee hand tool.  Now don’t take that as a complaint because I think it’s awesome.  I have to be honest, the Milwaukee hand tools seem to be a hit or miss for me.  I am not saying I have found any of them to be bad, but for some of the tools, I like the competitors versions better.  That may just...

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Milwaukee Introduces Four New Hand Tools

Milwaukee introduced four new hand tools to their current large line of hand tools.  As you know Milwaukee is all about innovation.  When you pick up their tools, you can tell that Milwaukee tool isn’t a company that just takes an existing tool and puts their name on it.  They do a lot of research, design and implementation into their products.  That is one reason why I am a fan of most of their tools.  Recently I had a chance to take a look at four of their new hand tools. Milwaukee Hand Tools Fine Line Chalk Reel –...

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Milwaukee Offers 3 New Hand Tools

Milwaukee is at it again, this time they have released three new hand tools.  They now have the following items: Fencing Pliers – 48-22-6410 Ironworker’s Pliers – 48-22-6102 7″ Nipping Pliers – 48-22-6407   Milwaukee 7″ Nipping Pliers 48-22-6407 These new pliers have an iron carbide edge and smooth jaw.  They are also rust resistant.  The jaws are designed with an optimized angle which makes them perfect for cutting and pulling nails, screws and other materials.  If you’re dealing with fasteners, it’s always nice to have a pair because we are always dealing with at least one stubborn fastener....

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Milwaukee Torque Lock Locking Pliers – First Look

Every-time you go to Costco they have some sort of new take on the standard locking pliers.  They never seem to work right and always end up being returned.  Sometimes the simple original design is the best.  Take these new pliers from Milwaukee, they have the standard proven locking pliers design.  But they also have a feature on the adjuster that allows you to use a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the jaws.  The leverage that a screwdriver can give you beats any thumb screw..  Just enough innovation to make it better than most other locking pliers , but...

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Milwaukee Aviation Snips 3 PC Kit Review 48-22-4033

I feel like a broken record when I say I’m excited about Milwaukee’s hand tool line and every time they come out with a new tool, I just drool.  I think I get so excited because it’s great to see a company actually start to think outside the box and really change the hand tool market.  It seems like for a long time companies were not really doing much in the hand tool line, they were just copying each other and not really making any improvements.  They would take a simple pair of pliers, farm it out to some...

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Milwaukee Job Saw Kit – The Kit to Own

Milwaukee has some pretty cool tools and their hand tools are no exception.  We had a chance to get our hands on a lot of different hand tools from Milwaukee, but I think this is my favorite.  Well at least so far.  The Job Saw Kit is the perfect kit for anyone, well maybe not kids.  But if your a professional or a home owner, this is the kit to have.  Lets face, there is a lot of junk on the market today.  Companies put a little kit together and try to sell it as the end all tool. ...

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Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw

If you have cruised around Home Depot or some other home improvement store, you have probably seen the Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw.  This is not only a cool tool, but also very handy. The knife comes with three blades: metal, wood and all purpose blade.  It’s the perfect tool to carry around with you in your tool belt or even have laying around at your house.  As you can see by the pictures, it folds up nicely making storage a snap.  Plus the biggest thing is once the blade is folded, you hide the teeth.  So when you put...

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Milwaukee Pliers – Electricians Dream Tools

        48-22-4106 6″- 48-22-4107 7″ – 48-22-4108 8 ” – 6 in 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers Milwaukee has come out with some pretty cool and innovative hand tools.  The biggest thing we noticed with Milwaukee hand tools is the ability to lighten up your tool belt.  A lot of Milwaukee hand tool have multiple uses which means you don’t have to carry as many tools in your tool belt.  Well as you can see, these pliers do the same thing as they are multipurpose. Reaming Bolt Cutter Wire Cutting Nail Pulling Nail Cutting Staple Pulling The pliers have a very nice...

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Milwaukee 11 in 1 SCREWDRIVER 48-22-2113 – Review

Milwaukee has been hitting the hand tool market hard.  They have been coming out with some innovative tools that save time.  Not only that, they have been coming out with tools that have multiple functions which means the contractor has to carry less in their tool belt which saves weight and room.  Who couldn’t use a weight break for their knees?  We recently did a review of the Milwaukee Reaming Pliers that has more than one function. Now it’s time to review one of their screw drivers, the 11 in 1 screwdriver.  Again this has multiple functions.  Besides the...

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