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Milwaukee M12 3 Ah and 6 Ah battery

Winter is here and we know how cold it can get on the jobsite or just hanging out.  As you know Milwaukee has a ton of heated jackets to choose from.  While I like them all, my favorite is the Camo jackets.  Speaking of heated jackets, you have to use a Milwaukee M12 to power the jacket in order to produce heat.  We have been getting emails about when Milwaukee will be coming out with their 3Ah battery for longer run time for the jackets.  So I decided to create a post about this since the Milwaukee 3Ah battery...

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Milwaukee Battery – The New Power Source

As you know Milwaukee Tool has one of the largest 12V lines on the market.  Not only do they offer a ton of tools in this line, but they offer tradesmen’s specific tools.  With that said, it’s extremely important to not only have a reliable battery, but one that will last till the end of the job.  Now people can rejoice everywhere who have the M12 line.  Milwaukee introduced a new battery with more amps.  Milwaukee now offers a 3 Ah compact battery and a 6 Ah extended battery.  So what does this mean?  Simple, more work per charge....

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Milwaukee 2.0 and 4.0 A/h Batteries are Here

Cordless power tools are becoming more prevalent on the job site.  They are lasting longer and doing more per charge than ever before.  As good as they are, there is still room for improvement as the batteries are the biggest obstacles to overcome.  For years the common denomination of amp hours was 1.5 and 3.0, where 1.5 is a compact battery and the 3.0 is a high capacity battery.  Well that was yesterday and this is today.  Milwaukee released their new version of batteries with a 2.0 A/h and a 4.0 A/h.  The model number for the 2.0 is 48-11-1820...

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Milwaukee M12 Battery and Charger Review

  Milwaukee M12 Battery and Charger The Milwaukee M12 line uses a Lithium-ion batteries and a 30 minute charger, leaving the user with little to no down time.  The Milwaukee batteries are extremely light, weighing only .6 lbs.  The charger comes with a 5 year warranty and the batteries have a two year warranty. There is a nice visible display on the charger that gives the user status on the power in the batteries. The Review When testing all of the different tools that came in Milwaukee’s M12 kit, we had no problem whatsoever getting through all of our reviews on one battery charge per project. The Milwaukee charger worked and performed well, adhering to the 30 minute time frame for a full charge. The batteries are light and very compact, making the tools very easy to use on all projects attempted. Final Thought Milwaukee does a superior job on power generation technology when it comes to keeping their tools running!  We like the light batteries , but love the 30 minute charge...

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Milwaukee V28 Lithium Ion Batteries Review

This power tool review is for the Milwaukee V28 Batteries.  These batteries are part of the Milwaukee combo kit 0928-29.  If you are looking for just the V28 battery, the model cat no is 48-11-2830. Milwaukee V28 is a Lithium Ion battery. These have the new battery technology that has been introduced in recent years for a variety of uses.  You can read more about the Lithium battery on our battery page.  Most people look at a battery and see a battery, but when you buy a cordless power tool kit, a battery is an important factor.  Besides just comparing one volt to another volt, even though that should be the major factor, you also want to look at the battery closer and that’s what we did with the Milwaukee V28 battery. The first item we noticed was the weight, very light as with all Lithium batteries.  The weight of this battery is 2.43lbs, compared to the Craftsman 19.2V, which weighted 2.01lbs.  So you are getting more power and a longer run time for only a little more added weight.  We expected this, so not surprising, but it is a big factor and plus for Lithium batteries. When looking at and using the Milwaukee V28 battery, there were three key items that caught our eye that made this a great battery.  Besides the run time, durability, and power, we...

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