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Milwaukee Suspension Tool Belt

If you are one of those guys that like to carry around 50 pounds of nails and every tool you own on your tool belt, then this one is not for you. This belt is design for the remodeler or installer. The suspension belt has pouches for everything you need and a little more. The belt is built with 1680 Denier Nylon and has Riveted Seams.  As you can see by the picture, the belt also has all metal hardware, which makes this gear pretty durable. The Contractor Work Belt with suspension Rig provides users with 24 organizational pockets...

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Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Drill Bit Set

This is just a quick little article to let you know about Milwaukee’s new Shockwave Titanium Drill Bits.  Personally I have never really used many of their drill bits in the past, but these seem to be a little intriguing.  Before I tell you about them, I have to say I have used these bits.  While they do seem to be extremely nice, I don’t have enough experience to say they are truly the top drill bit on the market.  For the price, they are easily worth a look and a try. The new bits are designed to withstand tough...

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Milwaukee 15 Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Milwaukee has been releasing a lot of new drill bits.  Not too long ago we took a look at the Milwaukee Shockwave Titanium Drill Bit Set.  Today we are going to look at the Milwaukee Cobalt Drill Set.  So what’s up with these new bits? As with all the other Milwaukee drill bits, I love the fact they come in a case.  The case is easy to open and close, plus a great way to stay organized.  They even incorporated a thread hole to put attachments on the case such as a clip to keep on your belt or even...

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Milwaukee’s New Shockwave Impact Bits

Over recent years we have seen tools become more and more powerful.  While this improvement is great, we also need to see a big improvement in the accessories we use along with these tools such as blades and bits.  Which brings me to the new Milwaukee Shockwaves.  I am not sure what corner you’re in, but it seems people are just as brand loyal to their accessories as they are to their tools.  Some people swear by Makita bits, others love Shockwaves bits or another brand.  Personally, I am a huge fan of the Shockwave bits, but not because of...

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Milwaukee’s New Concrete Bits

If you know Milwaukee, you know they aren’t one to sit around and be content for current products on the market.  They are always looking for ways to improve performance and improve production.  With that said, they upgraded their concrete bits. Their new SDS Plus bits are suppose to be more efficient, which means longer life of your rotary hammer or cordless tool, so that’s a plus.  The new bits are not only more efficient in masonry, but also play nice with Rebar.  These bits aren’t suppose to lock up in Rebar as we have all had that happen....

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Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Sockets – 49-66-4484

As a consumer you have a lot to choose from for power tool accessories.  Most of the time we tend to put all of our research into what power tool we should buy.  We really don’t think much about the accessories we buy such as saw blades and bits.  Probably the main reason is the large upfront cost to a power tool as opposed to the actually accessories.  But when you think about it, we should probably spend more time researching the accessories as over the life of the tool, we drop more money on the accessories than the...

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Milwaukee Tapcon Installation Kit – 48-20-7497

If you have ever drilled and fastened into concrete, then you have used a Tapcon anchor.  While they are awesome and probably the best around, they certainly aren’t cheap.  So you want to use a great system that sets the concrete fasteners right the first time so you don’t strip or break the fastener.  In the past I have always used two different manufacturers for a 3 piece Tapcon setting system.  I have either used the Brand Name Tapcon setting system or the Ramset Condrive.  There are other manufacturers who make these type of concrete fastening kits, but the Tapcon and...

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Milwaukee Magnetic Drive Guide Set – A Cool Little Tool

Milwaukee is hitting the hand tool market with force.  The best thing about Milwaukee’s new hand tools is they are redesigning the industry.  While most companies take the path of keeping the same hand tools and changing the color or packaging, Milwaukee takes a different approach.  Take the Milwaukee Pliers.  Not only are they just pliers, but you can ream with them, which means one less tool on your belt. This time Milwaukee came out with the Magnetic Drive Guide Set which is very cool.  Basically it’s a small little hand held tool that stores 10 bits plus one in the...

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Milwaukee 29 Piece Shockwave Drive

Ok I am done buying cheap bits.  There are certain things you can not be cheap about and bits are at the top of the list, with Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and safety gear.  There is no substitute.  I am a cheap A**, but not anymore with Bits.  Not too long ago, I bought a 114 piece bit set that had a boat load of #2 bits, magnetic holders and a bunch of other stuff.  I was very smart and only paid about $20 for the set, yeah looking back that was a give away that I was in...

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Milwaukee Speed Feed – 48-13-0300

  We have all done it.  We need to make a quick hole and just grab any old drill bit.  The bit might be dull, it might be chipped, but hey what heck I need my hole.  Each time we do this, we put more wear, tear and stress on our drills and batteries.  Now we are not saying doing this is going to kill your drill and batteries, but why make the tool work harder than it should. Over time not much has changed with drill bits except the bits have been manufactured with better material, sharper edges, better flute system and better...

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